Sunday, May 24, 2015

Elephant scraps

I finish 4 last blocks for my Elephant parade wall hanging.

It's time to put these together and piece the top. I'll probably move to floor since my batting on the wall is not big enough or I should say not wide enough.

The colors are a bit off.

I ended up with pile of scraps and I didn't want to put them into drawer. I fused them to interfacing and they are ready for pouches or mug rugs or for whatever. We'll see.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Girlie bags

My girl was invited to 5th Bday party of her friend plus she shares her Bday with another preschool friend so I decided it's time for some girlie bags. Some of you might remember Barbie bag I previously made.

I used the same pattern I made up which is pretty similar to this one. The front and back panels looks like that. I used Disney Princess curtain which I bought some time ago.

I added a bit of hand stitching on the star around each princess.

There is small pocket inside. No zippers, eeek. I ran out of time and went with simple and quick finish. I was so happy to see how the bag was well received.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Le Challenge - wood

It's that time of the month! Le Challenge!

When I have too many ideas or none at all I turn to Google and search for pics. When I typed the word WOOD I got a lot of wooden floors.

I also go for classic combos like linen and leather or B&W variation. I sewed the zipper in first and added the leather pieces later on. I used french knots to attach them.

I would definitely recommend to use pliers for pulling the thread through leather. To be honest I'm not so thrilled with the result. The knots are uneven and the whole thing is little wonky due to stretching material.

On the other hand it was fun to just create for the beauty of creating. That is exactly what I like about Le Challenge. Just create something on the given theme.

I ran out of linen so the back is bit funky but still matches well with the zipper.

For those who like to peak inside.

That's it. All done. The next theme is SINGLE. No idea since I prefer to make stuff at last minute, lol.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Scraps in progress

Just a quick check-in. I had few triangles left from my Pantone project so instead of putting those into drawer I made two panels. I  used up all the remaining scraps and these more probably become pouches one day.

To give you idea of the size I took a pic on my cutting mat. Which is 60x40cm. Unfortunately no matching zippers, lol.

Plus I done some prep work for two more birds.

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Plus it is time for Le Challenge - the theme is WOOD. I haven't started my project yet. Have you?

Sunday, May 3, 2015

May goal

My goal for May is to DO EPIC SHIT! Muhahaha, doesn't that sound epic enough?

Last couple of weeks have been pretty rough and silly jokes might be the way to deal with it. While browsing through the web I stumbled upon the above pic and it feels like exactly what I need to do.

Besides that I would like to piece this top. I need to do at least 4 more blocks, add some eyes and make it the right size. That's it. I'll keep you posted.

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