Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Scraptastic happiness

I'm back to my usual rainbow self :) This is partially quilted pouch and I'm making plans for some hand quilting aka personal touch.

Plus my other scrappy triangle project moved closer to the machine.

What a happy sight. Don't forget to link up to Scraptastic Tuesday. I missed twice since the Time flies :)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Welcome to Throwback Thursday. This time it's shirt quilts edition for me. You can read the gnome edition here. When I talked about whole roll of gnomes that was just a 10 meters if anyone was wondering, lol.

When I started with quilting I didn't pay much attention to fabrics. I wanted something affordable in case I ruin it. So my choice were fabrics which are used for making shirts.

It also helped that my friend was selling those. So I bought some and made this quilt for my FIL.

Quilting is not my strong feature so you see I haven't done much of it.

I tried zig zag stitch on binding. It worked pretty well.

I also used these fabrics on my FMQ adventure. This one was started during Groovy quilt along.

My quilting style is called ANYHOW :)

It is fun to look back. Come and join Throwback Thursday.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Oh Scrap!

Welcome to my post for Oh Scrap! linky party. I enjoy playing with scraps and Cynthia has many ideas in store. That's why I like to follow her blog and I'm honored to be featured there.

I started with some tiny strips. When it comes to scraps I say: If you cannot sew them - fuse them!
I use light weight fusible interfacing.

You can also read about my fusing adventures here and there.

This was  my first take on strips and I would definitely recommend to place them much closer together. Maybe even overlap a bit. Once I quilted it there were visible gaps which I had to fix later.

I quilted over the gaps with triple stitch to hide them completely. Much better!

I also wanted to try ticker tape kind of block. Both projects have raw edges.
Now a little how to pics. Creating tin cover is pretty easy.

Once I'm happy with quilting on the middle part I mark the size of my tin. See the black line on top and bottom? It is good to cut of batting which is shown in right bottom corner. I use Frixion pen so this line will disappear once I iron it.

Just fold down the overlapping fabric and top stitch the edges on both sides.

Wrap around your tin and make marks on both sides as well. Don't make it too tight.

I draw a line from the marks on both sides. I fold over, pin and sew right on the line. Cut of and turn around.

And that's all. Just slide it on your tin.

I like to put piece of foam inside when used for pens.

This color combo is definitely my fav. Have you noticed? :)

I made some tin covers before. They are great for using scraps, QAYG technique or your selvages.

I'm sure you can use some tins yourself. So have fun making them!
If you have some scrappy project yourself. Please share on Oh Scrap!
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Friday, October 30, 2015

Love scraps

I don't sew much these days and one of the reasons was my messy table.

A leave everything on top. You can see many pieces of my previous projects right there!

I took the first step and cleaned it.

I promised to make a block post about scraps because I love to work with scraps :)

Stay tuned for little tut on how to make those scrappy pen holders.
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Friday, October 16, 2015

Le challenge - teddy

This month's Le Challenge theme is Gold. I was about to make some jewellery but I prefer silver so no gold in my stash. I went through my fabrics and the only one with something gold was this blue sky with stars.

Let's kill two birds with one stone and make something. My girl asked me for a new sleeping teddy. She left it on my table so I won't forget to make one and that is exactly how the idea was born.

I finished the teddy last night. I only snapped two quick shots and it went to bed with my girl. Today teddy spent the day at preschool and it is going to be fav for a while I guess.

I used pattern from Zakka style book. I made this pillow with pink teddy back in 2012 during the Zakka along.

It is made out of polar fleece which I used for quilt backing.
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