Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017 FAL list

I was going to clean up my piles of fabrics and projects but surprise it did not happened. I had an intention to put all those hidden projects back on the list but I'm running out of time. Let's just dig out some and try not to ignore there is a deadline.

#1 cushion cover
I have made some progress there but I'm still unclear how to quilt that part with green plus on it. It might be just and excuse not to finish it. You know how it goes.

#2 love quilt
I have the backing fabric ready and the batting is on. I just need to iron it and baste it and move forward with the quilting. I wanted to do some fmq on it but since I'm too lazy to practise I might change my mind and add matchstick quilting instead.

#3 tote bag
These two blocks still look pretty on my wall and the only change is I removed the paper out of the PP block. Plus I have prewashed the fabrics I'll be using.

#4 cushion insert
I need cushion insert for the cover I made. It is not standard size and I want to use some batting scraps for it.

That's it. Let's not get overambitious.
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Sunday, January 8, 2017

PQ 8.1

I'm thrilled to share my mini for Project Quilting theme 8 is Great. My design is based on this 8 pointed origami star. You can read about my trial here.

I had simplify it to suit fabrics. 

So I draw it and cut out just one section as my template.

My mini ended up 7" square. I did not center it as I prefer off set settings.

I did not marked anything while quilting so these lines are not perfectly straight and I did not aim for perfect spacing either. I call this anyhow style :) 

I have added hanging corners and I like this choice for backing fabric. It's a scrap I found in my stash. 

It was fun to look for spot where to take picture. All white snow was kind of boring.
For those new to my blog I'm adding info about my location. I blog from currently freezing Europe. The very heart of it called the Czech Republic.

I enjoy seeing all the different interpretation of this theme. I have already saw some pretty cool projects. Please see for yourself @PersimonDreams site and vote for your favorites.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Little things

Sometimes you see something on Pinterest and decide to make it. That is exactly what happened here.

I used just a small scrap of pretty Echino fabric and piece of batting. It's quilted with all raw edges hidden.

Added to an empty spool and hand stitched together. Probably not a last one I made.

This week I have also made vinyl bag. I wanted to start New Year with a sewing project.

It is becoming my "trademark" to fold the end of zipper into loop. I just like to do that.

Vinyl bags are so practical and you can do boxed corners just like you do on regular fabric. I just didn't cut the end and left the triangle inside.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

OMG - 01

I have no real resolutions for this year but I'm up to some challenge. Project Quilting Season 8 might be just the thing. The first challenge theme is Eight is great!

I like origami and stars so my thoughts went by this way. I made a paper template simplified the origami star and it look quite good. I even picked fabrics.

Time for fabric trial which doesn't look very well but as I type I have another idea how to make this work...

I also like to play with primary colors and their mixing. Another idea is to make 8 circles either hand stitching or machine.

But wouldn't making octagons be easier? Squares are definitely easier than circles. So I got my head buzzing but there is only a week to complete this theme. I'm making this theme my OMG that way I will still have motivation to finish any of this idea during the month of January.

How do you work on your challenges? Do you stick to one idea from the very beginning or you have many and find it hard to choose?

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Final recap

I didn't really plan to reflect on 2016 and make any plans for 2017 but looking at the posts of others I have changed my mind. I'm joining 2017 Planning Linky Party.

My plans are simple. I will continue to share my love for rainbows and scraps. I would like to sew and blog more often this upcoming year. Finishing some of my UFO projects would be also essential.

Plus I would like to use patterns which I already have and never used. I have quite a few in paper form and as pdf files as well.

My word for 2017 would be love. I wanted to choose it anyway and when the word game on IG confirmed it there is no need to search for any other. I might start with this UFO project as it fits perfectly.

Happy New Year to all!

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