Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WiP planning and thinking

There is not much progress on my Q4 list but at least I can show you these panels for Lucy Hobo bag.

Beside that I had to think hard how to add Snowalong into my plans. I might have solved the problem, lol. You haven't heard about Snowalong? Go check it out! Will I have something to link up for Paper Piecing Party? We'll see.

There is also Blogger's quilt festival starting on Friday. What quilt will I enter and what category? Hmm hmm, decisions, decisions.

I hope I will not find any exciting new sew alongs or tutorials in my Bloglovin feed as my plate is full and my productivity is low :)

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Monday, October 20, 2014

MM - bunny pouch

I almost gave up on Monday Makers this week but I picked up the bunny and finished it off. I wasn't sure how I should make it so I went into my scraps and zippers and found an orange quilted piece which matched one of the zippers. Matchy makes me happy.

So there is extra quilted bottom and nothing fancy for the back.

Are you curious about the lining? Oh yes you are! :) I found that orange solid so it's super matchy. Love!

I'm not starting up something new this Monday. I have plenty going on but I took some pictures along the way and I plan on putting tutorial together so you can all make this easy one exterior piece pouch yourself. Stayed tuned if you interested.

The bunny embroidery pattern can be found here. This one was enlarged and made by my daughter so there are few stylish upgrades, lol.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Le Challenge - Mix

This month's theme for Le Challenge is Mix. So I mixed some scraps, techniques, patterns and sizes. The result is pretty good if you ask me :) and I'm trendy with Xses which happen to be November theme. Inspiration for you maybe?

I tried sort of matchstick quilting which gives the pouches really nice texture. There is no front or back. They are double sided.

If anyone is interested in dimensions: the tall one started as 45x21cm and the other 31x24cm.

Yes, they are made out of one exterior piece so there is no seam at the bottom.

The inspiration comes from Leanne @ She can quilt. She is the queen of matchstick quilting and texture. She currently hosts Scraptastic Tuesday which is filled with scrappy projects and you can also join monthly link up there. It is worth checking out!

Not only I prefer to match zippers, I also like when the lining goes well with the exterior. Yeah, I'm that matchy orientated. Since these are my current fav pouches I'll link them up with Purse Palooza as well.

Plus TGIFF and Crazy mom quilts.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

FAL - Q4 list

The last quarter is here; let's make the wildest plans ever. Have you heard about Purse Palooza? Oh yes, it's time to make some bags!

1. Super tote in Echino is my plan for the fabrics on left
2. Messenger kind of bag is on the right. Yeah, that one is ongoing from Q3

I won 3 patterns from Clover & Violet so I'm putting those into use as well.

3. Lucy hobo on left
4. Madeline bag on right

Plus I haven't played with leather and selvedges in a while.

5. Leather circles pouches
6. Selvedge bag for myself

It is also time to make some Christmas stuff. Either gifts or decoration.

7. Knitted socks
8. Cherry Christmas cushion
9. Christmas robin PP pattern

10. Honey honey cushion in violet
11. Honey honey cushion in grey

Ongoing projects.

12. Love quilt
13. Pantone quilt

And that is my lucky 13 list tee-hee!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

MM - quilted pouch

Time for little Monday make. Here is how my quilted piece ended up. The construction is like in this tut if you interested to try your own.

That is how it looks inside out. I bind it the edges with red because that is what I had on hand and because you can put anything with B&W combo. Plus it is fun when some color peaking out inside.

Have you made anything or just starting something new? You may want to link up with Monday Makers too.

The pouch turned out little small and I have no idea what to put inside. I probably give it away to someone :) The starting piece was about 22x32cm and the pouch ended up as 13x9x6cm.

What is up next? Well I should finally finish pouch for my girl. She made this embroidery while ago and it's time to make something useful out of it.

The winner of Plum Crazy giveaway is #3 Gunilla. I'll email you shortly. Thank you all for participating!

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