Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 FAL - Q1 list

Here we go. This is my FAL Q1 list. I made my list in Google Keep style with plenty of boxes to tick off, lol.

#1 - bed side wall hanging. I need to add some small borders around and B side will be finished. The question is: Am I going to be able to make my mind about side A?

#2 - love quilt. I need to get into baste and FMQ mood for this one.

More projects in various stages.

#3 - Lucy hobo bag. See those squares behind my machine.

#4 - super tote. I have the pattern printed. I wanted different fabric last quarter but I'm going with this hexagon Echino, bottom right.

#5 - Christmas robin PP. I'm hoping to finally make it for Christmas 2015.

#6 - Hazel hedgehog quilt. I bought the pattern during Christmas sales and I would love to make it soon.

#7 - envelope organizer. I only have a space for small version but I can already see it up there, lol.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Log cabins progress

It was time to choose background fabric and make some progress. I bought this fabric for Skill Builder BOM back in 2013. It's local cotton. It looks a bit like linen but it is a print. I managed to make 2 blocks which I turned into cushions last year. I also used it for my Triangle quilt

But first I cut all the pink, red and orange leftovers into squares and strips. Plus there is a pile of larger pieces and some suitable for fussy cuts.

I started out with 4cm strips which were left from the Skill Builder BOM block. Than I took a little detour because I still had some remaining pieces from that block.

It'll make some fun scrappy pouch later on.

I can assure you I have no strips left. As the background fabric is also a leftover I had to think about cutting into it. I made up the blocks first. I ended up with 10 blocks (31cm squares). 4 of those are full color log cabins.

I plan to sew the rows first and than I'll add the larger triangles at the edges. We'll see how it goes.

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Log cabins - ALYoF

I was looking at my Q4 FAL list if there is something I can finish and I felt like starting something new is a better idea. My real goal for Q4 was to find a job and none of these projects were really important to me.

I decided to do what I like the most. Just play around with fabrics. But it's not actually playing! I'm decluttering my sewing space. The best way to do it is to sew the pieces together and throw out those unsuitable bits. This is going to be ongoing project for the year. Yeah, I'm going to take my time.

Scrappy Log Cabin QAL just fits the bill so I started with pink and made first 3 blocks. Fun but I needed some plan. You know how the right color order is important to me, lol.

So I created central block. That's the one with yellow if you are unsure. I don't have enough of yellow to make up whole block anyway.

This is exercise of letting go. Seriously this last block was challenging! Those fabrics just don't match but let's look at it from distance.

It would make up pretty quilt for sure but I want to make wall hanging. Some sort of wall protection which will go next to bed  and will also add a bit of color to the room. This one is going to be B side. My idea is to make it double sided.

To keep me on track I'm making it my January goal of ALYoF. Just the top, not the whole thing since A side is still in thinking stage.

This whole thing also fits into SewMyStash2015 project and Oh Scrap! Check out the links if you are interested to play along. Buttons on the side bar. The main thing is - have fun!

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

ALYoF - final party

I know I said I won't do any recap posts but hey it's ALYoF finale party time! It pretty much sums up my year as well.

January - two lunch bags

February - Lone Star top
March - failure

April - Triangle quilt
May - failure

June - Mini Disco top, my link up post is here

July - Ikea ZOO quilt

August - Ballerina's quilt, my link up post is here
September - failure

October - Paint Drips quilt
November - failure

December - Christmas ball
That makes it 8/12. I'm feeling pretty successful :) which brings high hopes for 2015. Will you be joining in? It's time to choose January goal already.

Plus this morning I managed to make those #blocks. I'm thankful for comments and good advice offered. I looked up scant seams and found this easy tutorial and it worked! All I had to do was reposition my needle to the right.

As I upcycle envelopes I needed to hide previous address on it. My girls had the best sticker which suits perfectly. I asked them, do not worry ;) I'm ready to drop it off the post office tomorrow.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

# blocks & Happy New Year!

Pretty little block. Not so complicated so why do I have a problem to make it 5.5"? I don't have a inch ruler so I usually recalculate and work with centimetres. Crazy, I know.

My first attempt ended pretty close though. Anyway I talked with my friend and I borrowed her ruler.

I was feeling optimistic. I use 1/4 inch foot with guide.

But the end result is even worse. I can hardly make the blocks 5 1/4" and I wasn't even drinking yet! So please tell me. Am I the only one? * If you are not familiar with # blocks check this post.

Let's finish this year with some music. I'm not making any year in review kind of post but I had pretty good year. Lots of rainbow projects. The upcoming one is going to be even better! Yeah, let's sing along my friends:

Nothing can hold me back

Cause I'm not made for that
I'm always good but I've been better lately

Happy New Year!

*update: I managed to make them using scant seams, yipee!