Wednesday, July 23, 2014

the Purge

I haven't really showed you my ironing board in all its glory. It can hold 100 squares (5cm). I don't have such space on my sewing table so my friend with staple gun helped me out. It is portable and quite handy. As I experimented with squares lately I want to cut some more (scraps) and turn them into quilt. 

But first I need to sort my drawers. There are bigger pieces, smaller ones. Some not so pretty and some I already forgot about. There are also some that has to go. All this fits right with the Purge. Yes, what a great idea to purge together!
the Purge

It is going slow but better small progress than none. There are some great ideas how use those unloved fabrics. Check out the links others have submitted. 

What else is going on? Jumping. Lots of jumping :-)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Winner = Michele T

The winner of my small giveaway is Michele T. Congrats! I hope Michele is a patient pal since the mug rug I offered is not finished yet, oops. Sorry!

Summer heat and family affairs slowed me down. I hope to be in full swing within few days. Bla bla. I'm sure we all have those days :-) Stay well!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Q3 - Demons done

I finished few more lines on it and put it on pin board. You cannot take the board apart so I just tucked the edges underneath the frame. Meet the Demons!

Here is before shot. Not bad but I didn't like it next to Pantone mini. There used to be red section=hot, deadlines, orange=hurry up, pink=ideas. This sorting system only lasted a little while. 

My current view. I'll be working on mug rug for the giveaway and announce the winner on Monday.

My first pin includes Q3 FAL list. One down, 11 to go :-) Don't you like to cross things off your list? I do.
BTW you can now find me on Instagram too - negligentstyle. Enjoy your weekend!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WiP - focused

I'm trying to stay focused on my Q3 list even though I'm jumping from one project to another. I thought I have a plan for those orange peels but I'm kind of unsure at the moment.

I started quilting Demons mini but I had to unpick since it was fugly. My spiral was way too loose and I really did not like black thread on mostly white squares.

The weather is really warm and sunny so I painted my board frame yesterday. I haven't told you yet but this will become my new board. The first thing I'll pin on it will be my Q3 list, lol.

Once I unpicked my fugly spiral I couldn't think of other design to try so I went with straight lines. Some squares are crossed just once and some both ways. There seems to be some pattern appearing but I work without real plan or marking. I only leave those color squares untouched. 

I don't know about you but basting is least popular during the process making. Somehow I managed to baste Ikea ZOO and it's next on my quilting list. 

My girl finished her embroidery and I promised to turn it into zippered pouch. Bunny can be found here

If you would like to win smiling skull, check out my small giveaway.

Plus today is the last day of New Quilt Blogger Blog hop. Check out those quilting and blogging tips and meet those from all over the world. I have spotted some handsome husband there too ;-)

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Le Challenge - Small + giveaway

It is the time of month when I like to join Le Challenge. This month theme is SMALL. I wanted to do some small squares. I hear you yawn! :-) By happy coincidence I received some small packages. Oh yes, those funky skulls (from ebay) were inside.

My project for the challenge is my new rainbow skulls bracelet. My girls needed some too.

It sounds silly to say they are cute. They are definitely not scary and we had fun making them.

As I recently received some happy mail, I want to send out some too. Small bit of my style. Mug rug - in progress. Two ballerinas and hot pink zipper pull. I might put something else in, you never know.

You have up to three chances to win:
1. Leave a comment. Any will do.
2. Let me know you are follower.
3. For those that linked up to Le Challenge as well. If you haven't you have until 8pm GMT on the 16th. 

Giveaway is open to everyone and it'll run until July 20th. Good luck!

See, the skull is smiling at you!