Saturday, December 31, 2016

Final recap

I didn't really plan to reflect on 2016 and make any plans for 2017 but looking at the posts of others I have changed my mind. I'm joining 2017 Planning Linky Party.

My plans are simple. I will continue to share my love for rainbows and scraps. I would like to sew and blog more often this upcoming year. Finishing some of my UFO projects would be also essential.

Plus I would like to use patterns which I already have and never used. I have quite a few in paper form and as pdf files as well.

My word for 2017 would be love. I wanted to choose it anyway and when the word game on IG confirmed it there is no need to search for any other. I might start with this UFO project as it fits perfectly.

Happy New Year to all!

2017 Planning Party

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Scrappy fabric stars

I decided to make some stars for teachers this year. The tutorial is called Scandinavian Fabric stars but mine are rather scrappy.

I made just one as trial and I got it wrong. My ends were not perfectly hidden but after posting photo on IG I figured it out and made few more.

They are pretty fun but their non matching look makes me a bit nervous. They are not staying so I can handle it for little while :)

I'm also making paper boxes for those and little something out of old calendar.

Once all finished I'm back to my usual rainbow self. I have it all ready to go.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Q4 - meshwork cover

Just a little while ago I have finished this cushion cover. It all started on IG as @misterdomestic announced his #misterdomesticwal

Confession to be made. I cannot obviously draw 30 degree lines.

But somehow I made it work. The directions are pretty well written and you can find them here.

I haven't used any extra tool. I waved with large safety pin. It looks great from the distance but the piece was not as tight as it should and I realized that while squaring up.

I have added little border and binding.

It is densely quilted.

The back is simple with hidden zipper. You can find this project on my Q4 list here.
I just need to make the insert cushion. Dimensions:16x22"

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