Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Scrap/blog challenge

It seems that my blog got a little neglected this year so perfect time to reflect on it.

I have to admit I haven't read blogs either. It is so easy to go through pics on Instagram. Join in with a hashtag, like pictures just by clicking. You all know it.

Are blogs "dead" these days? Who knows. I'll try to revive mine next year and we'll see how it goes.

I'll be working on this scarp challenge. It fits well with my goal of using 100 zippers which I bought in April.

Oh yes, This type of pouch is still my fav.

Squares and stripes are the best way to use up any scraps.

It is challenging though since random placement isn't my kind of thing. Well I try but you can still notice some type of order :) Dark side, light side but at least the zipper pulls matches from one point of view.

                                                        Happy New Year to everyone!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Crossbody bag

Finally I made a new bag for my teenage daughter. I promised to make it a long time ago.

It was difficult to choose the fabric. She didn't want colorful bag since she wants to put some pins on the front.

There are three pockets on the front and I added just a bit of color to match the strap. Unfortunately we haven't found matching zipper with strap but the silver teeth on black fits just right.

There is only one pocket inside. The size is for larger sketch pads or book. The pattern is simple from one piece. It's kind of giant pouch, no side panels. You can check the progress pics over on my instagram.

I usually add extra batting to the bottom. Once quilted it forms the bag nicely.

Sunday, August 11, 2019


This might be my new thing. I really love these bookmarks :)

I used up one book completely. Don't worry. It was an old crap which I found in library for free. Plus these are made for good cause. They will be sold and money will go to charity purposes.

I attend crafty Thursday at local library and we were in search of easy projects which could be than sold. Bookmarks seems very suitable. I searched the net for inspiration and I really liked pressed flowers idea.

Just flowers looks lovely but I expanded the idea with the book page.

I tried feathers, flowers, crayons pearl cotton. Four pieces per one laminated pouch. I have only simple photo laminator.

These are yet to be cut.

This one is my favourite. Crayons make a bit of mess but looks great!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Tablet bag

At the end of school year we gave our girl new tablet. Larger than the old version so it didn't fit into the previously made cover. As she wanted to take it with her for vacation travelling I made her bag for it.

At first I only wanted to make some sort of pouch. While searching for suitable fabric I found these old panels. They were probably made for some sort of bag.

Firstly I sewed both panels together into one piece. I only quilted simple lines to hold it together with batting. It ended up pretty large so I changed my plans and made a bag instead. 

I placed large pocket out of polar fleece inside to hold the tablet. There are also two smaller pocket for headphones and power adapter. Otherwise the bag can hold few more essentials.

The zipper part can be pulled up if desired. It was a bit improve bag making just before we left for vacation. Here are few bit and pieces from local adventure.

Something fun for kids. Some outdoors.

Botanical garden and Museum of Glass and Jewellery.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Initials edition

What do you make for girls? A pouch :)

We had 3 girls to sleep over. We done some treasure hunting and we also celebrated my 8 year old girl. As part of treasure surprise I made them all pouch with their initials.

One likes blue. One likes dots. One likes flowers.

Denim works just right for any bright colour and matching zipper.

It is becoming my trademark that zipper handle :) I like the idea of hanging the pouch somewhere or just slipping around your wrist. It is like external pocket. I should call them pocket pouches.

I also made two simple pocket pouches for little sisters. You know sisters like the same thing so I just made different zipper pulls. So far I used 10 out of 100 zipper batch.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

OMG - 05 May the 4th

I haven't finished any OMG this year yet. I have set up just one in January but I haven't finished those cushions.

Yesterday it was May the 4th which is Star Wars day as it translates into May the force be with you the classic line form SW series. I managed to cut out all the pieces and quilted yellow, red, turquoise.

It's made up out of 3 circles in case you would like to make your own. I used the template to lay the pieces prior ironing. I'm making 3 different sizes. Where is the SW theme? Well there will be the head of Darth Vader right in the middle. You can check out my previous creation here.

Red and turquoise zippers will work just fine. These will be part of my #the100dayproject too.
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Friday, April 26, 2019

100 zippers

Last year I have participated in #the100dayproject and completed few projects out of my drawer so I wanted to join in this year as well.

It started on April 2nd. I ordered 100 zippers and they arrived right on that day.

I did not catch on yet but we'll see. I promised to make a pouch for my daughter's friend. She likes Avengers so I googled their logo and printed it.

I didn't know how to transfer it so I just sewed over the paper :D

I used thick thread which is used for top stitching jeans. My machine didn't like it that much but made it through.

Both pouches are made in my usual style. Out of one piece of fabric, no seam at the bottom and the zipper end as handle.

There are many to come ... hopefully

The pink circles are hand stitched.

Here is peak inside.
I haven't participate much in blogosphere lately but this might change.

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