Sunday, October 15, 2017

OMG 10 - finished

We are half way through October and I finished my goal already. Yippee! I did not procrastinate this time which is unusual.

My goal was to try out this tutorial. Those tiny pouches looked so cute I wanted some as well.
Patty who hosts OMG each month also pointed out I should link into Bag It event so if you have any pouches or bags come join in.

As you can see I didn't really thought about on which side I insert the loop with lobster clasp so I have a variety :)

Here is a peak at the back side.

I also enlarged the pouch a bit. I had a 5.5" zipper so I cut out the vinyl 5.5x9" see above picture for comparison. It's better to use larger zipper and cut it since I was not able to top stitch on those pink versions as I couldn't open up the zipper.

I did not overlock the edges but I have burned them over the candle. I done it once I took the pics and saw some thread sticking out. Better to do it prior turning inside out.

I already gave away those pink ones as my girls were both invited to Bday parties this weekend. Different friends and parties but who wouldn't like some pink goodies :)
Since my needle is dull from sewing vinyl I might make some more.
I have also put vinyl pouches on my Q4 list so that makes it 1/5.

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

2017 FAL Q4 list

I wasn't successful in Q3 even though I was very optimistic at the beginning :) So the question is should I join and try again? Sure!

My main goal is to settle into my new space. As you can see the walls are still empty. I also want to go through my stuff and purge a bit.

My list remains almost identical to previous quarters. I just downsized:
1. love quilt
2. vinyl pouches
3. love mini
4. zipper pouches with touch of color
5. echino bag






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Sunday, October 1, 2017

OMG - 10

It's that time of dilemma. Should I join OMG this time and with what project? I wasn't really successful lately with any goals.

I thought I should try something new. I'm a good collector of tutorials but I hardly try them out. This time around I choose this one as my OMG goal: clear key chain pouch

Plus I have received kind email from Patty inviting me over. Just the last push I needed. Thank you!

So pick your own goal and join in!

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