Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday house

Here we go. The house I started while ago is finished. I'm not so thrilled since it looks a bit out of proportion. The roof is heavy but it still stands up. I kept decorating pretty simple.

I usually don't make the house like straight rectangle but I haven't thought about it while making the crochet strips. Let's call it trial version :) Not sure if there ever will any other version.

I started it as part of Monday Makers which I thought would be nice addition to linky parties. Wouldn't that be nice, start something small every Monday and show off the finish the next one? It would if only I could keep up, lol.

I got the idea of next project from Lucy. It is hardly dangerous to click on links provided on blog posts you read. CLICK HERE to find out what I'm making, LOL.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Paint Drips - A Quilter's Mixology SAL

While ago when I started blogging and reading blogs I wanted to be one of those cool chicks included in blog hop stops. Inspire and encourage others, wouldn't that be great? Guess what. I'm being one of them due to lucky coincidence!

Hop over to Sew Sweetness to read all about my project Paint Drips for A Quilter's Mixology SAL.
Thank you Sara for having me!

Sept 8th - Oct 13th

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday, Monday

I was hoping to share finished project I started while ago as part of new linky Monday Makers but I can only show you some progress. I'm undecided what flowers I will add.

So if I'm not sewing what am I doing?

I'm waiting for the right mood. Seriously, I need to be in mood to do some FMQ and I have at least two projects to quilt. In the meantime I'm dreaming about some redo since I received Ikea #bookbook. Have you seen the advert? Fun!

My husband (and camera) went to Japan and just because he is so nice he brought me some souvenir. Echino? Yes please!

We were also enjoying some bits of autumn sun.

Yeah, we went to ZOO. No suricatas in our backyard :)

Plus we visited castle called Bouzov.

Autumn also means conkers horse chestnuts. We have been picking up those all week long.

But do not worry; things are getting back to normal so I'll share some real sewing next time around.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Random Thursday

I don't know where to start so I just do random today. Have you heard about Quilter's Mixology Sew Along? Well I'm going to be part of the blog hop so I'm working on my project. Yeah, the secret one I didn't want to reveal any details of :)

My girl turned 8 and I baked not only one cake but two since I screwed #1. Don't rush yourself that's the lesson I learned!

How big is actually the quilt I made for her? I don't really know since I forgot to measure it but here is us doing some fun posing on trampoline.

Do you want to be inspired by some Orange peels? Check out all the entries and vote for your favorite! It doesn't have to be mine ;)

Please learn some more about Janeen that I tagged during the Blog Around the World hop.

I'm kind of behind with my bloglovin feed but I will catch up eventually. I'm not being active lately since .... life happens. Do not worry though; it is only my frustration over job hunting. There are ups and down and I'm happy to have a family I can count on.

And we jump and jump until we drop dead.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Q3 - Ballerinas done


Finally! Here is finished Ballerinas quilt. It was #1 on my Q3 FAL list. I had to improvise for the photo shoot but isn't that tractor fun too? :-)

I would also like to tell you about Craft Book Month @ Craft Buds. It'll be my third time participating. The idea is to use those craft books you already have and show others what you have created.

My quilt is modified version of Neighborhood by Elizabeth Hartman. The book is called Modern Patchwork and I first came across this book during Craft book month two years ago.

I started this quilt last year as Bday gift for my girl. I made 7 houses out of Summersville charm pack and this year I added one more since my girl will be 8 years old. You can see that my quilt holder came back when the field was all ploughed under. You can also spot I have added chimneys and 3D pinwheels.

The quilt is mostly hand quilted as the batting is really thick and it was PITA to quilt it. Backing is polar fleece so it is just snuggly and warm.

Plus you can levitate in this quilt if you almost 8 years old :)

I usually name quilts after songs so I go with Don't you worry child for this one.

Linking up with TGIFF and Crazy mom quilts.

 Finish Along 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014

Linky here and linky there

Last week I mentioned new linky Monday Makers @ Hug a Bit Quilts. You can learn more about Nurdan in her post since it is her turn of the Around the World blog hop.

My project for this week is going to be house zippered pouch with crochet roof. I have the supplies ready so we'll see next Monday. Are you starting something new? Let's join in!

Guess what. There is another Monday Makers linky @ ayliN-Nilya. She is also having her Blog around the world post up. Check out Nilya's creations as she makes some beautiful stuff.

I have also tagged Janeen @ Quilt Art Designs. She'll be posting next week but you can check out and download free paper pieced pattern as part of her BOM called In the Garden.

BOM @ QADesigns

It is also time to do August round up. Check out what others have created @ Lily's quilts. You can also join in if you feel like it :)

Fresh Sewing Day

I made some zippered pouches. Click on the pictures to see the details.

Houses for boys and girls
Selvedges & squares

I made some cushions.

Orange peel 
Preschool cuteness
And I finally finished Ballerina quilt which was in progress for a very long time. This one yet to be fully revealed. 

Plus if you are into Pinterest you might want to join in Pin It Monday @ 13 spools

13 Spools