Friday, October 25, 2013

Spooky trio

This week is all about wicked projects I made for the Wicked Blog hop. I usually make everything at last minute. You know procrastination. Nothing new to me. I wanted to add pumpkin face on my mug rug but since I made it out of felt it was a bit too bulky. I wanted to have it double sided so I did not use my pumpkin at the end. I decided that pincushion would be just fine for it.

I like the back side even more than the front, lol. Scraps, selvedges, ric rac. I used ric rac number of times and never had a problem with it but this one is different. I managed to burn it with iron! I also like to hang things up so I added little loop.

I'm also linking up the pouch into Purse Pallooza. It's not purse in true sense but since it has handle on the side it can be used as clutch. Quite stylish clutch for a wicked night out. Don't you think?

If you like this type of House Pouch you might check my House mania page as this is No.13 already.

Plus the usual Friday linky. TGIFF and Crazy mom quilts.
If you want to see more pics on the mug rug and pouch check out my previous post.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wicked Blog HOP

Welcome to my stop of Wicked Blog Hop. Our cheerleader for this hop is Wendy  and Madame Samm as usual - thank you ladies! Let's have wicked fun!

I wanted to make Halloween House pouch last year but I haven't managed so I took this opportunity and there you have it.
The pouch is modified version of pattern from Zakka Style book.
On the picture with our aquarium bowl which substitute pumpkin.
Pumpkins, pentagrams, the devil's number. It's all there. 
The stitches on the bats are not really visible. All those embellishments were made as raw edge appliqué.
You might say I have a thing or two for House pouches. You can check previously made on my House Mania page. I also have a thing for The Patchsmith. When I saw her free Pumpkin Face mug rug I wanted one as well but I tried to come up with my version and it didn't work out. I wanted night time face. Like glow in the dark. The light represented by the yellow plus I wanted to get the shadow in there which is represented by orange. I made two versions out of felt and I didn't like either one so I just skipped that pumpkin. The back side became the front and I added simple bat on it.

Pumpkin was meant to go into right corner. 

We do not really celebrate Halloween here. It's imported holiday to us but you can spot some carved pumpkins. We do have All Souls Day on November 2nd. Large amount of people visit the graves and bring some flowers and light the candles for the loved ones. Anyway I got inspired by The Day of Death and this particular post by Making Rebecca Lynne and I created my colorful skull. It has pin on the back side so I can put it on a bag or wear it as brooch. For now I pinned it on my board. Fits right in my pink section.

Enjoy the hop! The schedule for today is as follows:

Negligent Style ( you are here )

Friday, October 18, 2013

Making Christmas - list


I wasn't sure if I want to join in this blog hop called Making Christmas but couple days later I'm making my list. You can read all about this hop over at Rainbow Hare Quilts.

Here's my list:

- Christmas theme wall hanging
- Christmas ornaments for local swap
- winter/Christmas theme house pouch
- vinyl pouches as gifts
- pillow covers
- 241 tote pattern by Noodlehead
- felted jewelry
- knitted socks

and mug rugs with pocket on the back. I didn't know what pictures to add so I made up mug rug with snowflakes on it.
I have this idea in my head. I see hexagon wall hanging. Mix of turquoise and white hexagons. Some scrappy, some solids, some with hand stitched snowflakes on it. I tried something similar in small mug rug portion and I'm totally leaving this idea. Even though I like hand stitching I'm not up to this challenge.

I made two hexagons using paper templates. I could see the top fabric through and I didn't like that so I cut out piece of interfacing tiny bit smaller and added in. It was one of those iron on things so I iron it on the top fabric to keep it in place, sewed around and draw snowflake shape on it. I wanted to use Frixion pen at first but I don't have many experiences with it and since this will be given out or mailed in December I didn't want to risk the marks would come out in winter temperatures so I used chalk pen instead.

While making the mug rug I got this idea of mailing it to someone. I might want to add Christmas card or letter so pocket on the back side would be quite useful. So I simply folded one rectangle and added pocket prior the binding. I put some interfacing on it but I don't think it's necessary. I like dots and ric rac and that's what the back side is all about. There are many possibilities to make Christmas theme mug rugs so I hope that inspired you a bit. I sure have that buzz in my head.

Since it's Friday I'm linking up to TGIFF and Crazy mom quilts.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WiP mix

I got a bit guilty over the Broken Herringbones so I pull the fabrics out and got to work. It's just a small progress but that counts too. I need to set up wider designers wall since I need the whole width and plan ahead. The top is my goal for November and it's already 16th, yay.

I'll adjust the size once I have all the stripes together.

I did a bit of crocheting. I'm making some flowers for a friend of mine. She would like to have wreath like the one I made two years ago. I didn't follow any pattern for the flowers so it's not easy to make the same flowers. I'm still trying to get the bigger one the way I used to make it, lol. 

I made this one two years ago.

Those flowers are as a thank you for some Ikea shopping she done for me. I'm quite exited about this sewing related items. Oh yeah, no more lying bags of batting and interfacing on the floor. I got quite a few piles everywhere so there is some cleaning and reorganizing in my sewing space going on as well. Yipee!

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Paper tin cover

Have you heard about new linky party over @ Pretty Bobbins? It is about quilting. Well I'm not a big quilting pal so I thought I wouldn't have anything to link up but voila I found something. I'm definitely keeping eye on Gemma as she shares some tips and tricks as well.

I made this square while ago. I was trying out the QAYG technique. I really like all those bags made with this technique but those straight lines are so boring and time consuming so I ended playing around with it.

I was going to work on those herringbones but I needed something quick and easy. That's why I pulled this piece out of my UFO drawer and turned it into paper tin cover. I seen some while ago but it would probably take me too long to find the tut. Instead of spending time on internet I just made it. I took few pictures along the way.

Cover the tin and mark where you are going to sew. Add handel if desired. I folded over at the top and bottom. I left raw edges since they won't be seen.
Just make sure it fits on your machine. This size was just right. Add fancy ribbon on top if you like.

I didn't like the way it was hanging. Too low. What if I add a button? Done. It fits just right to the top row at my sewing corner. It's great way to use up scraps and testing out some quilting pattern or just practice. I'm definitely making some more soon. Those blue containers need to go, lol.

Well I didn't plan on writing two posts today but it just happened. I'm taking all those little detours on my way to herringbones. I'm not able to work on them during the day. I need some peace and quiet time which means night time with sleeping kids and it's just not happening these days.
Since we still have Friday I'm linking up to TGIFF once more and Crazy mom quilts.

Giant pincushion

It's the last week of Zakka Along 2.0 and the last project is Prettified Pincushion. I haven't made as many projects as I imagined but still I'm quite happy and the book was worth to buy. I do plan to make few of them in future for sure.
When it comes to pincushions I always feel like I don't really need another one so why not make it for a friend. My friend likes big pincushion so I ended with giant monster instead of little cutie. The size is based on precut notes papers as I traced the pattern on those, lol. I haven't visited her yet so I hope she'll like it. My fabric choice is based on her style. Not too much color and a bit of vintage.

Mommy and the babies, lol.

Back side.

I had trouble with those corners. I probably measured wrong as I did not follow the size in the book and I had to adjust it somehow. Plus I added selvedge piece to the side.

Next up is the Skinny pincushion.  It's the theme for this month's Across the Pond Sew Along which is group of ladies formed after the first Zakka SAL. At least that's where I met Amanda, Amy and Susie. Bunch of ladies you better keep an eye on :-) Each month there is some fun theme and this time around I was convinced I need one of those pincushions. I didn't really follow any tut since it's just skinny rectangle but you can check their blogs for some great inspiration. I'm not sure which side I'll use.

There is piece of selvedge in the middle Meow Meow.

Don't you like that reflection on my plastic cover? I do and I love that punk font used on the selvedge. It just reminds me of Sex Pistols and my rebel youth.

Paper Piecing Party

I'm linking up to Kristy's PPP since few papers were harmed during the making process, he he.
Plus it's Friday which means TGIFF, yay!
Note: today is the last day to vote in Holiday Memories Mini Quilt Competition. Just hit the little heart on the one you fancy the most. My sun, sea and sand pillow is in the game as well.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


One would expect I either work on Broken Herringbone or Ballerinas but nope. I had the need to try something else. Does that happen to you too? Those projects that already became WiP are slowly becoming UFO just don't seem interesting enough and you have the need to try something new. I'm sure it does.
The idea was to only try some kaleidoscopes. I do have a project in mind but I just needed to run trial piece to make sure I'll be able to do it.
That's how it started.
I had to add few more to fill up the rectangle shape.
I couldn't stop piecing it.
That's what I ended up with.
Not perfect but good enough for a trial.
That's what the original fabric look like.
I pressed all the seams open.
So what should I do with it now? It measures 34 x 44cm. Doll quilt? Pillow cover? Front panel of bag? No idea but I'm glad I gave it a go even though it might not be in use for a while.
If you like some tips on kaleidoscopes check out this post from Geta or this one which is part of One block wonder QAL.

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