Sunday, May 1, 2016


Yesterday I finished my OMG April goal and this pile is what's left. Am I going to throw it away or make something out of it? Well, I decided to make some bears. 4 to be precise and since it's May the 1st I'm making it my OMG goal.

I'll use the remaining batting to stuff them. With no time I had nice two piles. I prepared the pieces based on the pattern size.

I even put it inside paper box. I'm feeling so very organized right now :)

What else is on my table? Pile of green scraps and cushion cover in progress (with no progress).

I haven't blogged much in April but it was a good month. There are few things I haven't shared yet. I went to local quilt show. I had birthday and my friend finished quilting Mini Disco quilt. All those made me really happy so my horoscope did not lie after all.

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