Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Q3 - Scrappy cushion

There is something about last minute finish that I can not resist. Unfortunately for you that means no daylight available :)

Over the weekend I picked up zipper. I didn't have any long enough zipper so I used endless type. As you can see in above picture I topstitched on both sides but I decided to make hidden zipper as usual. No I didn't unpick that topstitch, lol.

I went with binding option for clean finish.

I did not measure. To me it is the right size but I have to make insert pillow for it since I don't have any in this size. You can find WiP posts here and there.

It is not only my September goal of ALYoF but it is also on my Q3 FAL list. Once again I was only able to finish two projects during the quarter.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Experiments finished

I can't believe it took me month to bind these two bits. I haven't been much company to any of you lately. I guess I just needed a little break.

Let me tell you some background story for the STAY mug rug. Way back I was inspired by Ruth and this post. I knew I wanted to play with these confetti tiny pieces as well.

At first I ironed those pieces to fusible interfacing. I covered it with sheer fabric and lay piece of fabric on top. Those letters are cut out as you can see it here.

Is it a message or what the heck does the STAY stands for?

I wanted to take a part in New Bloggers blog hop and send out a message to those that are leaving my blog. I know shocking but some followers left and this is a message for them to STAY! I'm kidding but I just wanted to let others know that is perfectly normal that your stats numbers are changing.

Plus the inspiration came from U2 song STAY. I don't have USB slot in my car radio and I'm picking up old CDs I haven't listen to in years. So before you hit that unfollow button remember how Bono sings STAY ... :)

I made the backside during the Selvage along so no wonder selvages are included.

I my second attempt I did not iron those pieces at all. I just lay them down on piece of interfacing covered with sheer fabric and added some zig zag stitch all over. Then I lay the fabric with cut out triangles on top.

You might see the texture in full sun a bit better.

The other side is made out of geese block leftovers. Not sure if to call this a mug rug. Some sort of mini it is I guess. It'll make nice gift to someone. I feel Christmas just behind the corner. Let's link it to Ho, Ho, Ho and on we Sew!

If you are curious about the size. These finished 6x8"and 6.5x8". It is kind of funny that I finished these small scrappy projects prior the original one (quilt and cushions). I just like to play rather than really quilt, lol.

Quilting is more fun than Housework Celtic Thistle Stitches

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Le Challenge

Yesterday I noticed it's time for Le Challenge. The theme is WILDERNESS and I didn't really had an idea. When I looked at the projects submitted I wanted to make some foxes but I was running out of time. Today I came across this link and I knew I have to make something quick! So here they are.

I ran out of eyelets and I have no key rings but that's fine since I only have few minutes left to participate :) I love deadlines and last minutes makes.

Le Challenge

Beside that. I haven't touched my machine for couple of day or is it week or two? I know, shocking!

I have received my fabrics for Dog gone cute but I haven't read the instructions yet. My feed is full and I'm a bit behind stuff. Life happens and I'm sure you are already used to that on my blog.

My girl celebrated 9th Birthday and we included little fun secret in her cake.

As usual I get a bit nostalgic on Sept 11. The time flies and the world is changing ...
Stay well my friends!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Throwback Thursday

My real quilting adventure began in 2012 when I got new sewing machine for my Bday. Since I didn't consider myself as an quilter I did not invest in fabrics much. There was a good deal for this gnome fabric and I got the whole roll :) + some Ikea fabric.

2012 was also the year of first Zakka Along. This pattern is from Zakka Style book which we all used. It was my first Sew Along and I made few friends back than. It is a baby size.

I continued with SAL called Hexagon Festival. I combined few tutorial which were featured as part of the SAL.

It looks like I always had a tendency to sort colors somehow :) This is my first regular quilt.

I quilted around hexagons and added some hand quilting to it as well.

What's on the back?

Gnomes again! Guess what, I still have some :)

Thank you for joining me in Throwback Thursday - 2012 edition :)
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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September ALYoF deja vu

This year I'm not very good at meeting my goals. No August goal achieved. At least I made some progress. I have already started with quilting and for a moment I thought I'm going to make it on time :)

I'm having hard time to take pictures of my quilting. There are some straight lines going from the side and some squares are crossed. I'm not marking it. I just go with the flow. Let's make it my ALYoF goal one more time.

As a side product I pieced this pouch to be piece. I'll be adding some quilting to it as well.

Have you noticed there are tons of things happening in the blogland right now?

Sew Fresh Quilts

Who can resist those cute dogs? Not me, I have ordered my fabrics today!

2015 Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop

Plus there are tons of inspiration in Fabri-Quilt New block blog hop. Don't you love those blocks by Yvonne and Jayne? I do.

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And there is more! Are you into Row-A-Long? Plus if you are into PP keep an eye on Janeen, she will be hosting Lil Catz Quilt a Long starting Sept 7th.

That's not all but these are my top 3. There is no time to be wasting time this season!

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