Friday, January 31, 2014

January goal - achieved

I usually say I only sew for fun. I don't sell the things I make as I don't want to be obligated to produce something but there are times when I sort of force myself to do things. Yes, I'm talking about these cute bags. I made those my goal for January and I just did not want to fail. Last year I linked up with Lovely year of finishes four times and fail in all of them. So I chose rather achievable goal this time around and I'm glad I did since our entire family is sick. Not much sewing happening but lots of tea, tissues and TV. We are getting better otherwise I wouldn't finish those. I used the fab tutorial by Ayumi which you can find HERE.

The Hello Kitty print is on both sides. I add extra layer of batting to the bottom for stability. There is nothing inside those bags on any of these pics.

So far we are having really mild winter. We had about an inch of snow for couple of days but we back to damp awfulness. It is perfect weather for spreading viruses but not so perfect for winter fun. We haven't been able to built proper snowman yet.

These two are slightly bigger than the first one I made. The one in front has been already used and washed. You can also see how bad the colors look indoor :-)

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Q1 - 241 tote finished

I wanted to make this pattern for ages. The well know 241 tote by Noodlehead. I seen many beautiful versions and it took me a while to pick some fabrics for mine. I went with Nordika and added some Essex linen in grey and steel shade.

I wasn't sure about the size as it seems small on some pics but it is just right.

I used some local orange fabric for the lining.

I didn't have enough of that Nordika fabric so on the back side I only used wide strip. Last pic with the tiny diary I shared last week.

I'll be linking up to 2014 Finish Along as this is my first finish for the Q1. You can check my list here. There are plenty more to do.

Finish Along 2014

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

In progress

The fab Nordika fabrics were on top so I decided to work on the 241 tote first. I prepared the side pockets using some grey thread to match. Then I wanted to see how big actually the whole thing is so I moved to the lining. I need to change the thread to add the pocket to the front and sometimes I pick up another project instead.

So I started the color wheel.

In my sketch the line goes all across the wedge but for reason unknown I didn't do it that way on my template. I was probably afraid it'll be too skinny or I don't really know what was I thinking. I just didn't look at that sketch and went to work on it. I also did not realize on the mirror effect and I had to sew it together differently than my original plan. Those are the things you do when you not following any instructions. I currently have 4 pieces and I'm ready to add the background fabric. As usual I'm really unsure about the outcome. One minute I like it and hate the very next one so we'll see how that continues.

In between those wedges I put together two mini log cabins. I messed up the fabric placement I was originally planning. What the hell is wrong with me? Never mind.

Update: that color wheel started an idea of some color play. I cut the strips right away as those fabrics were on my table anyway and here is how it ended up.

That's it. Totally out of balance since I haven't touch the old projects. Let's hope for some bright future, lol.
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Friday, January 17, 2014

Little things

Last week I needed small gift. The scotch tape was still on my machine so I made another vinyl pouch. This time with little bit more fabric. The construction is the same as the one I shared in my tut.

As the needle was already dull I made two more. This time with vinyl on the front only. Inspired by this tut. I leave the opening at the bottom and topstitch only the bottom part. I totally copy cat this idea from a local friend.

You would expect I either work on my January goal or Q1 list but I got something that bothered me more. On my Christmas list there were some felted jewelry so I had to work on that a little bit.

Earings and little brooch to go with it.

My word for this year is BALANCE. Those above are all to be given away so I needed something for myself to keep the balance, lol. Plus little project that can give instant gratification is always welcomed.

Don't let this picture fool you with the size. This is pocket size diary (approx 4x3").

I just love this print. I have my 241 tote precut and these are the leftovers and little reminder to keep me going. When you look at the diary from the side you'll see the pages are golden so I added two strings of elastic band in golden shade as well. Matchy details are the thing I focus on, lol.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Finish Along 2014: Q1 list

Finally I have put my list together. The first half is made up by fairly new projects which are always more exciting than those we get on to later on.

1. Color wheel - I made the fabric choice and my freezer paper template is ready. I'm using this pattern with my own little twist.

2. Log cabin SAL - since I never made log cabin I joined the It's a New Year SAL @ Sew Can She. We are currently at the week3.

3. 2014 Pantone quilt challenge - I like challenges and I do like the color of the year. Enough said.

4. 241 Tote pattern - I want to make this tote for ages. This is where I'm at. 

5. Summertime Sadness - aka Broken Herringbone quilt. It's currently being quilted by pro. Once it's back all I need to do is bind it.

We are moving on to the drawer. Let's dust off those projects. 

6. Ballerinas - there are 7 houses waiting patiently for my attention. Any progress would be good since my girl will turn 8 in September and I have no fabrics for house No.8 :-)

7. Skill Builder BoM blocks - there are also fabrics I wanted to use for Skill Builder BoM blocks. Oh well, the excitement is gone and I have no longer intention to make the entire quilt. Anyway I would love to find a use for those two blocks.

8. Boyish quilt - at the very bottom there is boyish quilt I have started long time ago. We'll see about that.

9. House pouches - I precut these four houses probably a year ago. 

10. Animal blocks - those blocks were made for a certain project but I didn't read the instructions carefully and had to use cotton only. So I made another two blocks and these were left behind. I would like to turn them into fabric basket or a tote. Anything really.

I have some paper piecing patterns printed and couple more plans but I guess I better stop right here. My one word for 2014 would be BALANCE. I hope I'll find it even though it looks like sci-fi considering what I have just written. Should I change it into MADNESS? That is exactly how my year is going to look like so sit back and enjoy the bumpy ride.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January goal

You might have noticed by now that I like linky parties. Last year I tried the Lovely year of finishes but I was not successful at all. So this time I'm setting up a doable goal for myself. No quilt tops.

These are girlie bags to become. Pattern by Ayumi = here. My goal is to sew up two of those in January. As you can see I only fussy cut the Hello Kitty but it's not properly ironed so it doesn't look very pretty at this stage. Back in summer I made one for my girl but you can imagine there is a demand.

Previously made.
More projects are in the dreaming/planning stage. I need to replace the Cherry Christmas lone star wall hanging and I have my mind set to some color wheel. I even made few sketches in painting. I don't have any other program to play with.

I pulled out some fabrics but ran out of daylight. As you can see there is not enough contrast to create the first or third option. So we might be down to the middle one.

I also pulled out some Essex linen I won last year but there is no purple and I don't like this rather blue and green combo but it got me side tracked to totally different project. You'll have to wait and see if I proceed any time soon.

Plus there is the Panton Quilt Challenge which got my head buzzing. Am I going to use these? Probably not.

There is also new linky around. I missed it last week but I sure don't want to miss this time around. You might want to check the details over @ Sew Fresh Quilts. I do consider myself quite social within the sewing community so I see you there!

Sew Fresh Quilts

Plus it all fits into WiP
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