Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Finish Along 2014: Q1 list

Finally I have put my list together. The first half is made up by fairly new projects which are always more exciting than those we get on to later on.

1. Color wheel - I made the fabric choice and my freezer paper template is ready. I'm using this pattern with my own little twist.

2. Log cabin SAL - since I never made log cabin I joined the It's a New Year SAL @ Sew Can She. We are currently at the week3.

3. 2014 Pantone quilt challenge - I like challenges and I do like the color of the year. Enough said.

4. 241 Tote pattern - I want to make this tote for ages. This is where I'm at. 

5. Summertime Sadness - aka Broken Herringbone quilt. It's currently being quilted by pro. Once it's back all I need to do is bind it.

We are moving on to the drawer. Let's dust off those projects. 

6. Ballerinas - there are 7 houses waiting patiently for my attention. Any progress would be good since my girl will turn 8 in September and I have no fabrics for house No.8 :-)

7. Skill Builder BoM blocks - there are also fabrics I wanted to use for Skill Builder BoM blocks. Oh well, the excitement is gone and I have no longer intention to make the entire quilt. Anyway I would love to find a use for those two blocks.

8. Boyish quilt - at the very bottom there is boyish quilt I have started long time ago. We'll see about that.

9. House pouches - I precut these four houses probably a year ago. 

10. Animal blocks - those blocks were made for a certain project but I didn't read the instructions carefully and had to use cotton only. So I made another two blocks and these were left behind. I would like to turn them into fabric basket or a tote. Anything really.

I have some paper piecing patterns printed and couple more plans but I guess I better stop right here. My one word for 2014 would be BALANCE. I hope I'll find it even though it looks like sci-fi considering what I have just written. Should I change it into MADNESS? That is exactly how my year is going to look like so sit back and enjoy the bumpy ride.

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  1. I love your varied projects, especially the gorgeous ballerinas. Balance is a great word, something I think that we all should strive for!

  2. With your talent and imagination, you will manage to BALANCE the MADNESS. Here's to 2014! Looking forward to riding along!

  3. wow - so many projects :-) I love your plans for the colour wheel.

  4. Oh madness, that describes my list and year as well! Though i'm hoping for a bit of balance this year too!
    Your list is fantastic! Perfect fabrics pulled for your 241 tote, it's going to be lovely. And i love your ballerina houses, can't wait to see that one finished up! Also excited to see your broken herringbone back from the quilters and finished!
    So many gorgeous projects to be working on Vera, good luck with your list!

  5. That colour wheel is going to be stunning!!
    I've wanted to do a 241 tote for at least a year, but haven't got past the idea of fabrics…...
    Good luck turning them into finished items!

  6. Wow! You have lots of goals! Good luck getting them done. I can't wait to see your pantone color quilt. I love this year's color!

  7. Lots of fun projects there, good luck :o)

  8. Anonymous16/1/14 00:45

    There are so many cute projects on the way, here. I can't wait to see the progress.

  9. heh, you have as many projects as I do! The are all fantastic. I really cant wait to see what you do with the pantone challenge!

  10. All of your projects look really fun! Cheers to a productive quarter!

  11. Well, all of these pretty projects should keep you out of trouble for awhile! teehee You will love your 241 tote bag... I made 2 so far.
    Can't wait to see what you create for the Pantone color challenge....


  12. Love all of your projects, especially the ones with the little houses :)

  13. Great projects--good luck finishing :) The 241 tote is on my list for this year. Look forward to seeing yours finished.

  14. My favourite projects are the ballerina girls, the boy quilt and the animal blocks - I guess I'm in kid mode :D Not too fond of the colour of the year, although it seems to depend on what colour the swatch shows on different monitors - on different sites I've seen it looking like pale purple and I didn't like it, but I do like the "orchider" (lol - pinker) version that I see on others - yours is the latter :D

  15. Fantastic have really been busy. Will look forward to seeing the finishes!

  16. I am sure that you can whip these together quick.

  17. These are such great projects!! I am looking forward to seeing the finishes. I am joining the 2014 Pantone quilt challenge too, that will be fun :)



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