Sunday, March 29, 2015

Birds and flowers

Where do I start? I wasn't in the mood for sewing lately. My top priority is sleep. I'm so awfully tired and not in the mood for anything at all. I just want to hibernate but there is spring outside already.

Anyway. My girl asked about her quilt and I was going like:
Aaaww what quilt? 
Mom, the one we'll hang next to my bed! 
Ooooh, that quilt!

So I was forced to make some progress on Elephant parade quilt.

She wanted the birds facing each other. These might be my favorite so far.

Next up were the flowers. Unfortunately the tulip instructions are no longer available due to some copyright issues but we wanted to have some. Luckily I found tutorial for this type of tulip. I just used the leaves from Lorna's blocks. They turned out pretty well if you ask me :)

I thought I only do one line of these blocks and add some HSTs or triangles to the bottom but my girl wants two lines so expect few more blocks to come.

You can find all the instructions here. Thank you very much Lorna for sharing!

These blocks just created some more scraps to play with. Oh NO! :)

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Le Challenge - Passion

This month's theme for Le Challenge is Passion.
There are many ways how you can interpret the theme.

What are my passions when it comes to quilting/sewing ? Hmmmm, I'm going with:

- color order
- scraps (yes, those are the tiny triangles from Elephant parade blocks)
- matchstick quilting
- hand quilting
- pouches
- matchy zippers

But my BIGGEST passion is probably to combine them all.

I made this pouch out of one exterior piece and one lining piece. There is no seam at the bottom which is my fav type of pouch. You can find the tut here.

The back is pretty simple but it still has pretty texture.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Scrappy mug rugs

Do you remember that pile of scraps? That is how they ended up.

Tiny triangles and bigger triangles from Elephant parade blocks. These are basically raw edge applique as I just fused them onto interfacing.

These are on the other hand pieced leftovers from #blocks and some fused and pieced squares. Note to myself: make the squares 8x5 next time around :)

Mug rugs are perfect project for scraps and leftovers or for trying out some technique. Plus they are pretty quick and easy to make :)

Which side do you prefer? Are you triangle or square fan?

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Q1 - Christmas robin + March goal

It is never too early to make those Christmas gifts or deco. Plus I can tick one more project from my Q1 FAL list.

I decided to go with a little hand quilting. I added some French knots to the wreath and I love it.
Please meet Christmas robin No.2. I made the first one back in 2013 and you can find it here.

The pattern is by Kristy @ Quiet Play. I only changed the ribbon into 3D version. No. one created some scraps as I used charm squares for the bird and that is why I made No.2. The wreath is made out of jelly roll strip which fits perfectly.

As for my March ALYoF goal. I'm going with Super tote. It is about time I cut into that lovely Echino.

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Monday, March 2, 2015


I'm not doing much but I'm fusing! Doesn't that sound interesting? lol. For some reason fusing sounds like something really cool to my ears. So have a look how I fuse.

I have local double sided lightweight fusible interfacing which I use and I have to add baking paper to prevent sticking to my pressing board and iron. Those tiny scraps are just right for a little play.

Once fused I cut of overlapping interfacing and look around for matching zipper.

I also like to fuse some squares using this technique. These are some leftovers (4x4cm) from my Demons board and latest B&W organizer.

I don't seem to finish much these days but I'm sure having a bit of fun here and there.

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