Sunday, March 29, 2015

Birds and flowers

Where do I start? I wasn't in the mood for sewing lately. My top priority is sleep. I'm so awfully tired and not in the mood for anything at all. I just want to hibernate but there is spring outside already.

Anyway. My girl asked about her quilt and I was going like:
Aaaww what quilt? 
Mom, the one we'll hang next to my bed! 
Ooooh, that quilt!

So I was forced to make some progress on Elephant parade quilt.

She wanted the birds facing each other. These might be my favorite so far.

Next up were the flowers. Unfortunately the tulip instructions are no longer available due to some copyright issues but we wanted to have some. Luckily I found tutorial for this type of tulip. I just used the leaves from Lorna's blocks. They turned out pretty well if you ask me :)

I thought I only do one line of these blocks and add some HSTs or triangles to the bottom but my girl wants two lines so expect few more blocks to come.

You can find all the instructions here. Thank you very much Lorna for sharing!

These blocks just created some more scraps to play with. Oh NO! :)

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  1. This is looking lovely... those two little kissing birds are very cute, your daughter had a good idea there making them face each other! Linda

  2. This quilt is looking great with all those fun bright colors. I see kissing birds too...So cute! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  3. Your grouping of blocks are looking so beautiful together. I am glad your daughter is excited about the quilt and keeping you going with some crafting. I also hope you get a bunch of rest. :)

  4. Very cute so far! Uh Oh . Scraps for you to play with..... :) Thanks for the alternate tulip pattern, which is very cute!! Hope you feel peppy soon!

  5. Looking good! Always good to have a push when needed. Two rows, eh? Should be cute. I thought I followed you, but haven't seen your posts in my feed for a while--will have to check. This time visiting from Oh Scrap!

  6. I love how that elephant quilt is coming, even if you didn't feel like working much. The bright springtime colors make me really happy. And I love that the birds are facing each other. They look like they're about to kiss. Maybe you can applique a heart above them once the blocks are pieced together.

  7. Vera your little birds are so cute facing eachother - your daughter has great ideas! I love the bright fabrics you used!
    Hope you get some good rest and feel a whole lot better soon!

  8. your quilt is coming along great, its always a bonus when your daughter wants it finished! Hope you are feeling more like yourself soon Vera.

  9. Rosemary B here:
    Hi Vera, this is perfect. Girls are very bossy. I have two of them, and they are 27 and 29 now. How they are as children, is the same when they grow up. My oldest daughter tells me what to make her. My younger daughter is more grateful but still, girls are bossy
    I think these blocks are well done and your daughter owes you BIG in the future. Maybe three grand children!

  10. I love Lorna's quilt design paired with the vibrant colors you chose.

    I say, take care of you first and then take care of your WIPs! After some rest and relaxation, you'll find your sewjo again. ; )

  11. So cute! I love your color and fabric choices!

  12. Hi Vera! This is going to be adorable quilt! I love that you have used many colours for the elephants and other blocks! Beautiful and cute! Your daughter will love it and wall quilts are so great! x Teje

  13. I love the colours you've chosen. This is going to be an adorable quilt !

  14. Glad to see you do not disappoint your little girl. Love those colourful birds and flowers. Lea Anne did a fabulous job of the tutorial for the pretty Podunk Posy. Gorgeous replacement for the tulips!

  15. Fun birds. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well; try to take it easy and give yourself a rest.

  16. Those elephants are definitely on parade - and adorable, along with their flower and turtle and birdy friends :) Our snow has mostly disappeared, and the temperature is climbing slowly, but we're still below freezing most nights. We're supposed to wake up to ice on the ground tomorrow morning, but by mid-afternoon they're calling for 14C - it doesn't even seem possible, lol! For us spring frequently means snow and cold temperatures - we even had hail 2 days ago!


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