Friday, May 30, 2014

Q2 - Echino bag finished

First up is Broken Herringbone cushion. It would be sad if I didn't finish that one. Thank you for all the lovely comments regarding my quilting. It is huge encouragement for my future FMQ adventures.

I started this cushion last year as Christmas decoration. I used jelly roll strips from Cherry Christmas line to go with our advent calendar. You can find free Lone star pattern here. That is my project for Ho Ho Ho And on We Sew. Linky party for May is here.

As May is almost over I felt the need to complete my goal for ALYoF. Especially when I had my minute in spotlight as May Participant Feature.

Tada! Very simple messenger type of bag. I haven't used any particular pattern as this it very easy. The main feature is beautiful fabric - Echino. My only requirement was to have that elephant right on front.

See it's only two rectangles with added pockets. Recessed zipper might scare some away but it is easy to do as well.

I found this pretty open end zipper in my stash and wanted to use it as it matches nicely. I never used open end zipper for bags but I found it is quite convenient. You can open it up and leave it on a side for easy access kind of tote.

I choose this goal based on my Q2 FAL list. Smart idea I copied from my bloggy friends. My current score is 3/6.

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The back is really simple but matches perfectly. I leave you with detail of quilted bottom and our freshly cut grass :-)

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WiP - pebbles

Last night I was up to some FMQ practice. My plan was to try out some pebbles. I couldn't see a thing with my crappy light. With matching thread it was almost impossible to see the quilting. So I made very loose kind of pebbles. I got lost in few places but I was not willing to give up, lol. How do you quilt at night? What kind of light do you have?

I was thinking to sew on plain white lining but I was scared I only create puckers or some tension issues might appear. Here is detail of my fabric. It has silver print on it and in daylight the texture is just fine.

I did not practice on side. That is not my style, lol. So this back side of cushion cover is my practice piece.

The front will be another take on Broken Herringbone block. I wanted to use 3 jelly roll strips only which left me with one section plain white. As it is Christmas decoration I wanted some pebbles as they look like little snow balls :-)

I could see the quilting better on plain white but as you can see I get a bit crazy once I reach the edge. I don't like to quilt close to the edge. As an inexperienced quilter I struggle with how to hold it properly without hitting my fingers.

I'm quite happy with this little practice and I'll try to incorporate more FMQ projects from now on. Practice makes perfect, right.

Beside that I only prepared few more colors to go into my Mini Disco project.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Scrappy pouches

When I was invited to join Strip-easy quilt challenge I thought it is good opportunity to use some scraps I got from friend of mine. Tiny little strips to be precise. I worked with 1" strips before creating mini log cabins. You can check it out here. I kind of wanted to recreate the pouch I previously made but it didn't turn out that well this time around.
As you can see I did not measure too well and it is wonky and totally off center. Plus I should have added strip to bottom part. It is just way too negligent.

I had the other panels ready to create one more but decided to go with different pattern. Instead of adding two strips to each I added just one larger chunk to one panel.

Yeah, I went with another Open wide zippered pouch. To determine the size of lining, measure from top to the center of added piece and add seam allowance.

It looked like messed up for a minute. One side too long where the other seemed too short.

Once you sew the bottom part to side panel you create a loop and all is fine again. Assemble as usual and your bottom part will have no seams on it. Nice!

Those strips I worked with were uneven and I like the simple look better than log cabins.

I added handle with hardware. You can find my tutorial here.

Check out what others have created for Strip-easy quilt challenge here.
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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tutorial: Hardware Handle Upgrade

Tutorial: Hardware Handle Upgrade

To upgrade your handle you will need: snap hook and D ring. Check out your local hardware store what is available in your area and adjust your measurements accordingly.

Start by measuring your zipper. Prepare small rectangle for handle. I wanted my handle piece to be 10cm long so I cut out 12cm x 6cm (2.4cm + seam allowance 0.6cm x 2). Add piece of fusible interfacing to make your handle sturdier. Leave out the seam allowance and approximately 1cm on top and bottom. Sew together right side facing. Turn inside out and press.

Turn edges inwards. Press. Set aside.

Box the corner by pinching each corner together and aligning the side/bottom seams. Cut the corner and insert D ring. Making sure it is placed right in the middle.

Trim the seam allowance. I keep the ribbon a bit longer though. I also run extra stitches across it to make sure your handle is securely in place.

Place your zipper inside created handle. Always make sure the zipper metal end is out of your way so you don't stitch over it. Insert snap hook to the other side and topstitch around. Done.

If your zipper is long enough, slide on created piece of handle. Attach snap hook. Slide back and topstitch. I didn't use any interfacing with linen as the zipper inside makes it sturdy enough.

If you don't have any ribbon on hand, make your handle longer and fold it over. Topstitch in place. Slide on zipper end and topstitch only at the top part.

This type of handle was inspired by this tutorial and upgraded with hardware.

For smaller pouches you can make different type of handle. If you like your handle to be 10cm you need to cut strip double the size + seam allowance (22cm). Mark the center and measure your snap hook and zipper. See the picture above.

Sew along marked lines. Cut the seam allowance. Turn inside out with ends inwards. Press.

Place your snap hook on created handle. Insert your zipper in the top piece and topstitch around. Done.

How to sew the zipper on pouch this way, please refer to Open Wide Zippered Pouch tutorial.

If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, please let me know.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Good to go

I precut this pouch last weekend as I wanted to make a gift for my daughter's friend. She was invited to her Bday party but I didn't feel like rushing with it so I gave her some previously made bag instead. Anyway it is good to have something like this on hand. Just in case.

The back is fairly simple. Just a few lines to keep batting in place. I used once again the open wide zippered pouch tutorial. It opens up really wide. It can even swallow a whale!

Isn't that just a cute panel? My next pouch is the easiest you can make. It is kind of pocket upgraded by handle and simple embellishment.

The zipper is added the same way as open wide zippered pouch. Sew easy! I use scrap of batting for the top and nothing for the lining part. Once ready to turn over I cut exceeding batting off. I also cut off the batting on each side prior sewing the zipper in to reduce bulk in that area.

Voila! Cute little pouch is done.

I like to use fancy stitches my machine offers. Two wavy lines seem just right for this one.

Peak of fun and bright lining.

I took many pictures while making these handles and I will publish tutorial hopefully tomorrow.

*UPDATE: Tutorial can be found HERE.

I'm keeping the linen version I made last week but these two are good to go.

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