Monday, June 18, 2018

The 100 day project - part 4

I'm still doing that IG thing :) I fall behind few days and than catch up again.

Here are some finishes I wanted to share. Cutlery pouch or a pencil case. Anyway you want to call these.

I previously made one (the one at the bottom). I like the long loop handle which fits around the arm. Perfect for carrying it around.

I pulled out this mini out of drawer and finished binding.

I made it the same size as the first one. Now I have a duo minis.

Another small triangle pouch with a zipper handle.

There are the tiniest triangles at the back.

Meantime I finished some more pouches but I haven't took the pictures yet. So I see you soon..

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Q2 - Echino bag

Have you noticed May? Somehow it passed me by. Never mind we have June. I finally made my bag and I'm already using it. I can finally tick off first project from my Q2 list.

I actually just made the top and reused the inside. My favorite old bag just needed a face lift. I used the old zippers and handle too. You can see first version of this bag here.

See the old pink lining? It still looks fine even after washing.

Zippers fits well too.

The reason I replaced the old fabric was that it got all worn out. I haven't used any particular pattern. It is simple messenger type of bag.

The new addition I made are front pockets.

Just right for my work keys and sunglasses.

Hot pink details are still my fav thing.
I'll be linking up with FAL2018 and TGIFF, buttons on side bar.
Things don't seem to work like they used to. Sorry for not replying to your comments I kind of found them late :)