Monday, June 18, 2018

The 100 day project - part 4

I'm still doing that IG thing :) I fall behind few days and than catch up again.

Here are some finishes I wanted to share. Cutlery pouch or a pencil case. Anyway you want to call these.

I previously made one (the one at the bottom). I like the long loop handle which fits around the arm. Perfect for carrying it around.

I pulled out this mini out of drawer and finished binding.

I made it the same size as the first one. Now I have a duo minis.

Another small triangle pouch with a zipper handle.

There are the tiniest triangles at the back.

Meantime I finished some more pouches but I haven't took the pictures yet. So I see you soon..


  1. The matching mini quilts are so sweet, but I love how coordinated all these projects are together. :)

  2. This really is your signature make, grey with perfect points

  3. These are your signature style, which we love: grey linen and rainbow. The tiny triangles are adorable!

  4. So pretty Vera. I really really like your style
    It is classy ❤️


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