Wednesday, December 31, 2014

# blocks & Happy New Year!

Pretty little block. Not so complicated so why do I have a problem to make it 5.5"? I don't have a inch ruler so I usually recalculate and work with centimetres. Crazy, I know.

My first attempt ended pretty close though. Anyway I talked with my friend and I borrowed her ruler.

I was feeling optimistic. I use 1/4 inch foot with guide.

But the end result is even worse. I can hardly make the blocks 5 1/4" and I wasn't even drinking yet! So please tell me. Am I the only one? * If you are not familiar with # blocks check this post.

Let's finish this year with some music. I'm not making any year in review kind of post but I had pretty good year. Lots of rainbow projects. The upcoming one is going to be even better! Yeah, let's sing along my friends:

Nothing can hold me back

Cause I'm not made for that
I'm always good but I've been better lately

Happy New Year!

*update: I managed to make them using scant seams, yipee!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Let's celebrate!

What are we celebrating? Well my dears, it's second anniversary of Doomsday! Remember those news back than? What were you doing? Did it meant new beginning for you? 

I used to blog in two languages on other blog but I won't confuse you with the original link. I just Print Screened those relevant bits and pieces from it :)

I sure finished those UFOs I was talking about but I'm still pretty procrastinating. Will I ever learn? I became quite good with lists though, thanks to FAL QAL.

How do I remember the Doomsday you ask? Well, I made sort of souvenir (it has date on the back side). Plus the show about Crop circles was back on TV. I love Crop circles in case you didn't know.

I made quite a few friends during the past two years and I'm happy to say that there are few who has been around from my very beginning as well. Thank you for keeping me company! These pics still make me smile so I hope you'll laugh along.

Isn't it fun to take a break from all the Christmas preparations? Presents are packed and I baked some cookies but I have also indulge myself in some selfish sewing.

This will be my selvedge bag once I decide how to finish it off. This bag is on my Q4 FAL  list which I'm not going to fulfill but I'm perfectly fine with it. It actually needs some revision.

I thought I found a perfect place for my Pantone Optical illusion quilt but plan B will be required since my husband told me, he doesn't want to look at it every day. I don't feel like finishing it at all since there is no space to hang it so what should I do with it? Any ideas? Would anyone be interested in offering new home to it which would require finishing the thing as well? Wouldn't that be fun idea for swap? Swap your unloved tops and projects you have no use for! In case anyone is interested in swap, my top measures 39x48".

That's it for today. Happy anniversary!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas ball

My December ALYoF goal was this Christmas ball. Tutorial can be found here.

To give you a sense how "big" it is I snapped a pic before ironing the petals. Yeah it is quite small :) Once again I used Cherry Christmas line. Last year I won jelly roll and I just keep on using it. I made quite a few things already.





Advent calendar, house ornamentmug rugs, Broken herringbone cushion, Round and round cushion and more Christmas ornaments.

This week Yvonne aka Quilting Jetgirl started new linky called Thankful Thursday so I would like to join in and tell you what am I thankful for this week.

Looking back at the projects I made I'm thankful for all the free tutorials out there. I'm thankful for all those fun linky parties I like to join and which keeps me motivated. I'm thankful for all the comments you leave which encourage me to continue to create and share with the community. Thank you!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Le Challenge - Ink

This month's theme is Ink. I was a bit clueless but as others I choose some newspaper print. I was also reminded about the need to make phone case. You know, those relatives, lol.

I used this tutorial (in Czech). When you pull the band the phone comes up a bit so it's easier to get it out. It worked out pretty well. I call this successful trial. The back is really simple.

At first I pulled out some scraps of the above fabric and I wanted to make another one exterior piece pouch. I'll still be making it but for now it is my project for Scraptastic Tuesday linky party.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas ornaments

How did my ornaments end up? Pretty good if you ask me, lol.

I used fusible interfacing with glue on both sides, some rivets and that's it. I was inspired by some paper ornaments I saw on pinterest. The trees turned well as well but I only managed to make two.

I haven't thought about trunk while creating the half circle. I made it out of leather scrap and stitched down with few hand stitches.

I was also inspired by my girl. She makes paper angels for everyone.

So I tried one out of non fusible interfacing.

I alternated some fabric strips with such interfacing as well. I used 6, 10 and 12cm strips to make those. Just in case you are interested in making some yourself. If you don't have rivets just add button instead.

Our meeting was fine as usual and what did I get in return? Some pretties of course.

I also got some mistletoe from our neighbour.

And finally I finished Advent calendar. All the sweets are ready to be eaten. My packing was really negligent this time around. Yeah, I used stapler. Bang, bang there you go, lol.

Not all the shots worked out since I only have small one at home. Let's share the bad with the good, right.

As usual there are not enough hours in the day and there is plenty to do. I noticed all those SMS giveaways and QuiltCon rejection posts but to be honest this goes a bit beyond me so let's just move on.

The theme for Across the Pond SAL is Christmas trees which is just right. You can join in as well just check out all the inspiration here. Plus Monday Makers.

Amy Made That! eamylove  Hug-a-Bit Quilts  

Sunday, December 7, 2014

December goal

As usual I have changed my mind and I'm making Christmas ball my December goal for ALYoF. I'm goal driven person after all. This is where I'm at. All the circles are ready.

I'm going easy on myself since there is plenty of Christmas activities to do. I still don't have all of the presents then I need to pack them, bake some cookies, decorate the house ....

This Friday I'm meeting up with my sewing buddies and we should bring some Christmas ornaments which we will swap around. I'm searching the pinterest for some ideas and trying some paper versions first.

Paper star didn't actually worked out. I'm not able to tie it up.

I'm going to try some trees next. I tried few templates and we'll see once I use fabric. This is my project for Monday Makers. I also have some selvages star on radar. As usual too many ideas.

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