Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Hello my friends. Let's talk WiPs. The above is no longer one but I'm suffering lack of daylight and I have no idea when to take pictures of the finished thing. Should I take it to work and do it during lunch break? You really think so? lol.

I'm not really feeling festive but I put the lights out and I'll decorate some more over the weekend. On Monday the weather surprised us. So far there was no sight of winter, all of the sudden the rain turned into frozen trouble but it looked so pretty. We had a tiny bit of snow yesterday and today we are back to rain.

Our Advent calendar is WiP as well. I managed to make 6 packages and I need to make some more as my girls already cut down half of them. Yes the time does fly. If you not familiar with our Advent calendar, check out last year post.

And I started something new. Mmmm I'm guessing I'll be finished by December 2015! Any tips? Oh yes, you are right that is Christmas ball in progress.

I totally missed my November goal and I'm not feeling like setting up any for December. Survive does not count, right?

I almost forgot. My notebook is not worth the repair so I either write to Santa or I'll wait for after Christmas sales. That's the plan.

I hope you can read between the lines. I'm doing well, no worries.

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  1. Is the top picture of a bag. I LOVE the fabrics! I also love the star quilt you have shown.

  2. Hello! I like your Advent Calendar - and that is a pretty quilt it is on. I also looked at your "Quilts" page and you have some lovely quilts! I came over from WIP Wednesday.

  3. Love your bag and advent calendar....

  4. Love that pretty bag! Picture taking in winter can be trickier with shorter daylight hours - I struggle with this, too. Hope you can get some shots of the finish on that bag, I'm loving the details on it.

    Fun advent calendar idea. Hard to believe we're almost a week into December... already!

  5. The Christmas ball looks like a fun project. Glad to hear that you are surviving... I hope that new job continues to go well and that turns into thriving soon! :)

  6. Surviving is definitely the name of the game - give yourself some time to get used to a new job - it's a big change in your household! Sweet bag - love the leather accent - you do leather VERY well! ;) The Christmas ball will be fun - better you than me though - it looks very detailed :D Your advent calendar and the way you display it is great - maybe this year you could put 2 gifts in one package to make it quicker for you to finish? The girls won't mind, I'm sure :D

  7. That Christmas ball looks cool! I used to make those out of old Christmas cards. Never occurred to me to make one out of fabric. This is going to look fabulous! Glad to hear you are surviving!

  8. Oh wow, that Christmas ball is going to be so cool! Hang in there - hopefully Santa listens! ;)

  9. I always put "Drink Coffee" on my to-do list each week, so I think Survive counts as a goal. :D Have you looked into Chromebooks? I'm not sure if it'll fit your need - but they're cheaper than full computers. All they do is run the internet pretty much. So for me, it's perfect because I can check email, watch Netflix, download sewing patterns, and its light and the battery lasts for ages. But I hope Santa brings you a new one!!!! Being without your own computer can be a drag.

  10. intrigued by every single one of your makes Vera. And brrr to the cold, getting colder here, our first snow forecast this weekend. Brr

  11. We have no shortage of light here. Start planning a holiday!
    (Admittedly, the long days have their problems. Our rotten cat wakes us every morning at 4.30 am demanding his breakfast!)


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