Friday, April 26, 2019

100 zippers

Last year I have participated in #the100dayproject and completed few projects out of my drawer so I wanted to join in this year as well.

It started on April 2nd. I ordered 100 zippers and they arrived right on that day.

I did not catch on yet but we'll see. I promised to make a pouch for my daughter's friend. She likes Avengers so I googled their logo and printed it.

I didn't know how to transfer it so I just sewed over the paper :D

I used thick thread which is used for top stitching jeans. My machine didn't like it that much but made it through.

Both pouches are made in my usual style. Out of one piece of fabric, no seam at the bottom and the zipper end as handle.

There are many to come ... hopefully

The pink circles are hand stitched.

Here is peak inside.
I haven't participate much in blogosphere lately but this might change.

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Saturday, April 20, 2019


I don't usually get too exited about Easter but I have become part of creative Thursday at local library and the ladies have decided that we will have creative afternoon based on Easter theme. I managed to make some chicks for sale to raise some money for charity purposes. It is nice to be part of something local and do good.

I choose this simple pattern since it is fast and the result is cute. You can find many variations over at pinterest.

I used up the whole piece of fabric which was just right. There were 25 chicks and 2 smaller ones.

The Easter tradition calls for decorated eggs.

This is "modern" variation invented by my dad many years ago. Instead of straws he used colored tape. He used to make traditional patterns with it. I didn't hold back and placed the tape in all sorts of patterns. I liked the white tape the most as it gives the best contrast.

It is very simple and effective and the feedback I have received was very positive. In case you are wondering how it is done :) The tape is placed on some coated chipboard leftover and cut up by sharp knife into various shapes. Yes, I have used one of my rulers but not my rotary cutter. The small pieces or stripes are picked up with the knife's tip. It is like playing with stickers :)

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 14, 2019


Last Saturday I visited Prague. There was 13th Prague Patchwork Meeting. I didn't go there to buy stuff but I have bought some :) Little addition to my rainbow collection.

Cute foxes print.

Some panels as well. The main reason I went to Prague was to meet with my friend (hello Zuzka :))
Here are few quilts that caught my eye. I think they are all from the International Quilts collection. Artists from Poland, Ukraine, Sweden, Germany or Slovakia.
We are pretty small country so this is just a small exhibit. Nothing like we all know from the Instagram when QuiltCon or others takes place. There are a lot of art quilts or variations of traditional themes which are not really my thing so I don't even have a pics of those. Here are just few that I liked.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Q1 - softies

I finished those bears while ago but for some reason I did not share here. Since it is the last call to link up finishes for Q1 I'm making up this post.

Here is my original list: Q1 FAL list

I used both sides of the material.

I modified the original pattern for a bear. Just enlarged the ears and nose.

It was not the best quarter but that's fine 2/5

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