Friday, June 30, 2017

OMG 06 - finish

This afternoon I panicked a little realizing it's the last day of June. No wonder the linky is called OMG :) I always feel like OMG it's the end of the month again. Lucky for me my goal was not a hard one.

I put the selvages together during the month. I ended up with a square approx 12" big. I just had to make decision what kind of pouch to make and find matching zipper.

I cut the square in half making two small girlie pouches.

No particular recipient yet but a cute little finish. Yay!

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Square mode

Once I finished the Enderman cushion I realized there are more kids hooked on Minecraft and the patterns are great for scraps too.

Look at these oddly looking scraps. I couldn't even get the green color. Not my type of color but perfect for a zombie character :)

I didn't even lay the face out since it's pretty easy.

Zombie is currently taking break on my ironing board since there is new priority. Another Bday party and another gift to be made.

It's for a girl so let's do something in pink. Yeah, the Pig!

My scrap was not big enough so I had to add 3 square from different fabric. At first I put the 3 squares randomly in there but no I had to change that and add one more. Now they sit happily at each corner making my orderly self happy again :)

Once I'm done with these two there is one more pile. Any tips who will that be? Yes, Skeleton :)
You can find some Minecraft characters on this link.

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Enderman cushion

Another cushion, another gift. This time it's for a boy.

Once I had all squares cut I chain pieced the rows. The cushion is 40x40cm and I cut 2" squares. Yeah I usually mix measurements and use cm and inches at once :)

I used this minecraft design and my girl chosen Enderman.

I made the lining a bit bigger and binded the inside like I did in previous case. I like my gifts to be pretty and with no raw edges.

That's how I quilted it. I didn't want to do just squares.

The back is plain, hidden zipper.

Here is full sun shot and a bit of weather info. Sunny, warm, pretty :)

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

OMG -06

Last month I did not choose any goal. I was kind of tired and I missed the one for April. I usually love the beginning of new month. Something new starts and I'm full of expectations. On the other hand at the end of month I usually realize I did not meet any and the month is gone.

What is going on at my place this month? Well look at my pretty little corner. It's gone! We are switching rooms, moving around the house. My older girl needs room for herself so we are making necessary changes.

I'm currently relocated in living room that's where my designer's wall already is. I put up few more projects which were lying on my table and elsewhere. It's so pretty to look at but I haven't touched the machine yet.

I'm also trying to clean up my drawers and stuff prior moving into "new space". I found this pattern all printed out and ready to be made. If only I choose the right fabrics...

I have also found these pretty selvedges. I'm not very ambitious with everything going on so I choose these as my June OMG goal. Turn them into something. Probably zipper pouch. It took me 6 days to write this post that's a good start isn't it? :)

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