Tuesday, June 6, 2017

OMG -06

Last month I did not choose any goal. I was kind of tired and I missed the one for April. I usually love the beginning of new month. Something new starts and I'm full of expectations. On the other hand at the end of month I usually realize I did not meet any and the month is gone.

What is going on at my place this month? Well look at my pretty little corner. It's gone! We are switching rooms, moving around the house. My older girl needs room for herself so we are making necessary changes.

I'm currently relocated in living room that's where my designer's wall already is. I put up few more projects which were lying on my table and elsewhere. It's so pretty to look at but I haven't touched the machine yet.

I'm also trying to clean up my drawers and stuff prior moving into "new space". I found this pattern all printed out and ready to be made. If only I choose the right fabrics...

I have also found these pretty selvedges. I'm not very ambitious with everything going on so I choose these as my June OMG goal. Turn them into something. Probably zipper pouch. It took me 6 days to write this post that's a good start isn't it? :)

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  1. Hey there,

    Moving to a new space can be so much fun and inspiring. I like your sewing table - where did you get it? It looks like what I need. :)

    1. Hi Phyllis, thank you! Please note you are no-reply. The table has old legs from my moms kitchen table and the desk was made by cabinet maker as we wanted round corner on one side but I assume you can find similar in Ikea :) The hole inside for the machine was made by my hubby ;)

  2. I hope that you find that moving space gives you a renewed perspective and outlook. And I am sorry for not asking sooner - how is your shoulder doing? Hugs!

  3. Vera, Who is on fire all the time? Not me.
    Oh yes, the girls need their own space. Mine did too, and my younger daughter always wanted to still share with her oldest.
    Well, time flies, 10 years from now - really big changes.
    Sometimes little breaks are good. Focusing our eyes on other things is healthy too, and you can share that on your blog. I used to have my sewing set up in a small corner in the family room for many years. I kept all of my supplies upstairs. Now my girls are grown, married and having babies!
    So I have finally moved everything!! into the room right next to the kitchen. My oldest daughter said (2 years ago) "why didn't we do this sooner?"
    I love you from afar ♥️

  4. Fun to sew with selvages. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.


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