Sunday, August 11, 2019


This might be my new thing. I really love these bookmarks :)

I used up one book completely. Don't worry. It was an old crap which I found in library for free. Plus these are made for good cause. They will be sold and money will go to charity purposes.

I attend crafty Thursday at local library and we were in search of easy projects which could be than sold. Bookmarks seems very suitable. I searched the net for inspiration and I really liked pressed flowers idea.

Just flowers looks lovely but I expanded the idea with the book page.

I tried feathers, flowers, crayons pearl cotton. Four pieces per one laminated pouch. I have only simple photo laminator.

These are yet to be cut.

This one is my favourite. Crayons make a bit of mess but looks great!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Tablet bag

At the end of school year we gave our girl new tablet. Larger than the old version so it didn't fit into the previously made cover. As she wanted to take it with her for vacation travelling I made her bag for it.

At first I only wanted to make some sort of pouch. While searching for suitable fabric I found these old panels. They were probably made for some sort of bag.

Firstly I sewed both panels together into one piece. I only quilted simple lines to hold it together with batting. It ended up pretty large so I changed my plans and made a bag instead. 

I placed large pocket out of polar fleece inside to hold the tablet. There are also two smaller pocket for headphones and power adapter. Otherwise the bag can hold few more essentials.

The zipper part can be pulled up if desired. It was a bit improve bag making just before we left for vacation. Here are few bit and pieces from local adventure.

Something fun for kids. Some outdoors.

Botanical garden and Museum of Glass and Jewellery.