Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bits and pieces

Last week I have finished small scrappy pouch. I used longer zipper to create a loop.

It is perfect for hanging on door handle. It's actually loo pouch, lol.

Colorful quilting is probably going to be my thing this year. Darker colors look better if you ask me.

Plus I'm making small progress on LeChallenge project.

Small progress but steady.

I have also finish my scrappy and colorful mini20. You can read about in my previous post here.
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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Q1 - mini

My first finish of the 2016 FAL list is #9 mini. It's also my OMG goal for January. Yes, I'm killing two birds with one stone :) no actually three :))

It's made out of 20 scraps and it also caries out my word for the year 2016 which is TWENTY.
I choose this word to remind myself that even 20 minutes a day can make a difference. I was also inspired by #sewtake20

I quilted straight lines in number of colors. Each hexagon is crossed twice which can be interpreted like checking of my goals.

I was asked by my hubby if I'm making a map. It sort of looks like map of Czechoslovakia which no longer exists. We are Czech Republic and Slovakia these days.

Anyway I decided to change the direction as it suits my space better.

It doesn't really look like my first drafts but that's the way I roll.
See, fits perfectly :)

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Scraptastic Sunday

When I made the first mini with Darth Vader theme I promised to make one for my friend as well. She wanted mug rug instead of mini. Let's make this year, the year I keep my promises, lol.

Here is the evolution of Darth Vader. Remember 20 minutes a day can make a difference!

And a last shot with his twin brother :)

While changing the thread I have also quilted the pouch to be piece.

I love the outcome of colorful matchstick quilting that I have already few other shapes in mind.
Do you know the new theme for Le Challenge? It's ROUND. Let's make my project right away instead of my usual last minute. Here is peak.

I have also played with the hexies. Not much but I thought it'll be fun to share my draft. I'm probably not a make a draft and follow person. I also usually like my first layout.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 - FAL Q1 list

I decided to go wild and crazy with my list. It's more of an UFO list and any finish or progress would be nice. You might not even remember some of my projects so let's recap.

#1 Disco quilt which I called Tribute back in summer of 2014. It will probably and hopefully come quilted from my friend soon. I left the quilting to a pro since I love it.

# 2 DM quilt made for blog hop. Find out more here. That's where all the happy scraps comes from.

  #3 Love wall hanging. I made this as a anniversary reminder so this one deserves to be finished.

And some cute kids projects by Lorna. Elephant parade and I would like to make some dogs too. Remember Lorna's Dog Gone Cute QAL? Well I bought some fabrics last year for it so it is time to make at least some blocks. My projects #4 and #5 on the list.

How about the color of the year 2014? Well, that's my #6 Pantone mini. I'm a bit torn with this one. One day I love it and I hate it the next. I really need to make up my mind and either finish it or let it go to someone else.

I'm keeping the bags on my list #7 and #8. Plus my latest projects #9 mini and #10 cushion to round up the list nicely.

Note: I used Google Keep app to create my list.

2016 FAL

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bit by bit

My twenty scraps became twenty hexies. I'm loving those colors but I haven't played with layouts yet. I'm just enjoying this pretty little pile for a while.

I have also started quilting my scrappy pouch.

Matchstick quilting is great for small projects.

Since I have yellow in my machine I have also quilted yellow part on Darth Vader mug rug.
That is pretty much it. I'm taking it bit by bit.
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Q4 - Tablet cover

Let's share my one and only finish for already gone Q4. You can find my list here.

I used this tut if you are interested in making one yourself.

I created pretty puffy sandwich and check out this fab matchy zipper :)

I even made my own bias binding. If you never tried one have a look at this tut. Don't cut prior the ironing if you use Frixion pen for marking!

The pattern is really easy and I'm quite happy with the outcome expect when filled with the charger. The pocket is very shallow and once filled it looks and feels wrong.

Have you noticed my shiny button? Well, I painted wooden one with nail polish to match :) We'll see if it last.

Note: I used Google Keep app to create my list in case you wonder.
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