Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Q4 - Tablet cover

Let's share my one and only finish for already gone Q4. You can find my list here.

I used this tut if you are interested in making one yourself.

I created pretty puffy sandwich and check out this fab matchy zipper :)

I even made my own bias binding. If you never tried one have a look at this tut. Don't cut prior the ironing if you use Frixion pen for marking!

The pattern is really easy and I'm quite happy with the outcome expect when filled with the charger. The pocket is very shallow and once filled it looks and feels wrong.

Have you noticed my shiny button? Well, I painted wooden one with nail polish to match :) We'll see if it last.

Note: I used Google Keep app to create my list in case you wonder.
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  1. So super sweet. Thanks for the tuto.

  2. Love that little progress graphic you have! How did you make it? The additional pockets always seem to be the stumbling block on these sorts of tablet cases. It's like they need a long skinny pocket along one edge instead of one where the cord & plug end up sitting on top of the tablet screen. Hopefully, you won't need to take your charger the majority of the time you're using this! It looks lovely!

  3. I love the idea of painting your button with silver nail polish. I hope it holds up for you!

  4. Very cute! Making the bias binding always seem like such a good idea but I wimp out about the extra time it takes. I really do need to be more patient! Thanks for the tutorial links!

  5. Your tablet cover is so beautiful! I love your silver nail polish solution!!
    Great job on the project!

  6. Very nice. I made a book reader cover for G in manly blacks but he has since upgraded and I have his old Kobo and am thinking of making a more girly cover for myself - thanks for the link to the tutorial!

  7. It's quite lovely, Vera (no surprise there, lol) - I haven't seen that word fabric before - it's pretty! I love your nail polish solution - if you worry about it chipping, maybe give it a coat of clear nail polish, lol. The lumpy part when the charger is added would be annoying, but at least the charger is safe and won't fall out or get lost - that's more important. I left my tablet charger at a hotel years ago and they said they didn't find it - it was almost impossible to get the same charger so I had to make do with a no name one, but that one wasn't as good as the original. Thankfully I eventually found a proper Samsung one on Amazon and threw the no name one into the "electronics stuff we don't know what to do with but can't throw out" box :D

  8. Such pretty fabric, and I love your button solution! My daughter paints conkers with nail varnish in the Autumn and it doesn't seem to chip on those, so fingers crossed for you!

  9. Very cute pouch, I love the painted button!

  10. I was taught to make bias binding that way but now just cut diagonal strips and sew them together. I find it simpler. Each to their own, eh?
    If the nail polish doesn't last, you can repaint it!

  11. So sweet! I love that you have a pocket for the cord too. Never thought about using nail polish -- genius!

  12. Love the use of nail polish! All very cute.


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