Sunday, September 27, 2020

Autumn update


It's been a while since I wrote a blog post. To be honest make an instagram post is a bit faster. You don't have to write much either. I changed my ig name just in case you want to keep up. You can find me under vera_7c_s

I was simply in need of a change.

I made this paper notebook cover with a change symbol decorating the back side with 7 colours.
Number 7 has few meanings. Choose the one that suits you. Letter C represents: Czech - Colourful -Creative - Combo with Cute - Casual - Creature. There are more words with letter C which I could choose but those 7 are those I like the most :) Letter S at the end as plural and it can also represent the style from my blog name.

I'm starting to sew again so I might revive my blog as well. Maybe the blogs are still not a dead medium since this week I was features in DoYouSew newsletter. If you wish to receive their newsletter you can sign up here

I have also changed my ig name since I want to share more of my outdoor pics. Going outside into woods is still my new hobby. I love to take pictures of mushrooms. They are fascinating. 

I love frogs too. It's fun to get as close as you can to them.

I love all pictures against the sun.

Do you know #saturdaynightcraftalong over on ig? It's fun to be a part of. This week I made a face masks for a friend. 

Beware I have started something new but I tell you about it next time around. Stay tuned and stay well!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

OMG 06 - finished

As usual I finished my 06 OMG goal on the very last day. I wonder if I ever change this bad habit.

The corners are not so pretty as I made the zipper tabs and whole zipper longer that I should have.

Back side is without any zippers.

Here is size comparison with my phone. This bag is mainly intended for my phone and keys. Colours are a bit off. Taking pictures on full sun is not the smartest idea.

There is zippered pocket inside as well. I simply wanted to use the material from original bag I was re-doing since it was already worn out. Extra pocket is always a good idea :)

My girls both said they need one too. Oh my. I better find my sewjo somewhere.
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Sunday, June 7, 2020

06 - OMG

Joining once again OMG with the same goal. I left the making of my new bag to the last day of May and that wasn't good idea. I couldn't find the buckle and strap. It was well stashed. Than I had to watch Falcon 9 take off so it just didn't work out. It might in June.

I forgot to specify in my previous post that the original bag was all worn out that's why this bag redo is happening. I liked the bag a lot so I didn't want to just put it in trash. I'm using 2 zipper pockets. 1 for outside and 1 for inside.

I'm still spending a lot of time outside enjoying the nature.

There is a lot going on in the world so turning back to nature feels natural but that does not mean I do not care. We all process things differently. I still need to listen and learn but I beleive there are more good people out there ..

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Thursday, May 7, 2020

OMG - 05

Welcome in the woods. I'm not really creative these days I'm rather outside instead. I spent more time in the woods than I do with my machine.

My May OMG goal is a bag redo. I wanted to make a sort of bag just for my phone and keys. It has been on my list since last year. OMG! See the old pic below. Yiikes.

Now it's the right time! I have previously disassembled the bag so I'm already on my way :) I currently wear this one but I aim for smaller size.

I will also continue walking. Here are my April achievements. I only turn the tracker on for walks. I'm over 100km and 220K steps. We'll see how it goes in May. It's kind of new hobby.

I leave you with few of my shots.

I like the trees.

I like details.

But mostly I love the sun :)

The nature is changing every day. Everything is growing and I enjoy it very much.

Stay well!

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Friday, May 1, 2020


In April I wanted to make a post to recap the first quarter of this year. It wasn't that bad even though I did not post as much as I originally planned. Current worldwide situation has speed up the time somehow so the April passed by so quickly and I did not managed.

But it's a new month. New beggining.

I made this pouch probably in March. I had these pics in camera for a while. Both sides are different. I used small scraps which I found in my drawer.

I liked the result so I made one more from the remaining scraps.

Again. Different on each side.

As usual I just put the colours in order. It's just the way I do it.

I have borrowed a book from library with cute softies. I wanted to make some with my girsl but so far I only managed two lambs.

In April #the100dayproject started over at Instagram. I had intentions to make a little bit every day and use this project as extra motivation but the effect was the opposite. I felt forced to create and post so I took a break. We'll see if I join back in. I might.

These days are uneasy for all of us. We all coap differently with current situation. For me personally it's like a roller coaster ride. There are better days and there are those which we just have to push through. I hope you all are safe and sound. Stay well <3