Sunday, February 3, 2019

Q1 - cushion 5X

Here we go! My first finish from Q1 FAL list.

I got this idea when I was making the list back in January.

It doesn't have perfectly matching zipper but it is hidden anyway :) I'm breaking up my own rules.

See. The back is just plain and simple.

The whole design is pretty simple. It is a gift for male for 50th birthday so I was not aiming for anything girly and fancy. Each cross represents 10 years. 50 = 5 crosses. Plus the cushion is 50x50cm. The binding finished the cover pretty nicely.

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Friday, January 18, 2019

Q1 FAL list

Let's make a list! Q1 FAL list. I'm taking different approach this year. Have you noticed? :)
I'll stop putting on my wishful list and actually concentrate on projects I want to give or use. Plus there is not enough space on that board :)

1. softies - well that is ongoing project. I almost made it but still need to fill up and finish.

2. bag redo - you could also see that one last year. The plan is turn it into fanny pack. I need to put my phone and keys somewhere when I don't have pockets available.

3. cushions - that is my OMG goal for January. Still untouched.

4. pouches - not much progress on this pile either

5. cushion 5x - that is my latest idea. Make a Bday cushion for someone who turns 50 soon with 5 X on it. We'll see.

That's it. Sorry for bad light but daylight is something I don't get too much lately and I only have few hours left to link up my list. Yeah, nothing like a deadline pressure!

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Friday, January 4, 2019

OMG - 01

Hello New Year! Don't you love new beginnings? I do :) I would give myself many NY resolutions if only I knew I'll going to keep them. I know I can keep them for a week or two, maybe a month but I can not go on the whole year that would actually mean I have to change myself, my behaviour, habits and I do not want to go that far. I rather stay negligent and I'll let things go and flow.

Of course I want to be better :) to myself, to others, to blog more, to do things that makes me happy more often. Everyone wants to do that and I guess that is natural.

I'll start the year with OMG goal just because I love the name of this linky. I try to link and finish at least 6 OMG projects this year! That's a neat resolution isn't it?

For January I picked up cushion making. Two cushions to be precise. I have this pretty fabric and I know exactly to whom am I going to give them. Nothing fancy, just plain pretty cushions. I need to buy appropriate zippers because zipper must match. That's rule No.1 right!

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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Stars making

Two years ago I tried Scandinavian folded stars. This year I wanted to make them with kids on Christmas fair. I used this tutorial but I didn't feel like all that ironing for many strips therefore I tried something different.

I made strips out of felt and I also used double sided interfacing which I ironed on two fabrics. Of course I made larger piece which I cut into strips afterwards. The stars have raw edges but that's fine. Mixing felt and fabric worked as well. Plus they look different from each side.

It was a new to me experience with kids.  I'm still not sure how to feel about it :)

Also for those who know me I don't have to explain these stars are not my usual style. Not matchy or in order in any way but I can handle that from time to time :)

I was a bit nervous as I didn't know what to expect. On last minute I put together a box of things as I wanted to have options for those who didn't like the stars or for smaller children.

I came up with drawing snowflakes on shiny glass rocks and I took few rock as well. I also had another option of making comets from felt leftovers to create ornament.

There was also exhibition of Advent calendars. I use this lone star as our Advent calendar plus I made a simple paper box with numbers as my second entry.

The message of this whole post is: Don't be afraid to try new things, mixing materials and be creative! Stay well during the festive season!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Q4 - love wall hanging

This LOVE wall hanging has been on my FAL list for a while. I pieced the top together in 2014 as an 10 years anniversary project and finally it is finished.

At first I wanted FMQ it but as the time was passing by and my FMQ practice kept at zero level I changed my plans and I done some matchstick quilting instead.

Matchstick quilting is pretty simple but time consuming. The texture it makes is so worthy though.

Here is a peak at the back. I put hanging corners at all of them plus a hanging sleeve on top.

I use interfacing which is faster and easier option than a classic fabric.

We have already hanged it and we like the result. As usual I do see some minor mistakes and I would change a bit here or there but that's just part of the process. I better concentrate on the next UFO :)

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