Sunday, May 26, 2019

Initials edition

What do you make for girls? A pouch :)

We had 3 girls to sleep over. We done some treasure hunting and we also celebrated my 8 year old girl. As part of treasure surprise I made them all pouch with their initials.

One likes blue. One likes dots. One likes flowers.

Denim works just right for any bright colour and matching zipper.

It is becoming my trademark that zipper handle :) I like the idea of hanging the pouch somewhere or just slipping around your wrist. It is like external pocket. I should call them pocket pouches.

I also made two simple pocket pouches for little sisters. You know sisters like the same thing so I just made different zipper pulls. So far I used 10 out of 100 zipper batch.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

OMG - 05 May the 4th

I haven't finished any OMG this year yet. I have set up just one in January but I haven't finished those cushions.

Yesterday it was May the 4th which is Star Wars day as it translates into May the force be with you the classic line form SW series. I managed to cut out all the pieces and quilted yellow, red, turquoise.

It's made up out of 3 circles in case you would like to make your own. I used the template to lay the pieces prior ironing. I'm making 3 different sizes. Where is the SW theme? Well there will be the head of Darth Vader right in the middle. You can check out my previous creation here.

Red and turquoise zippers will work just fine. These will be part of my #the100dayproject too.
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