Friday, April 26, 2019

100 zippers

Last year I have participated in #the100dayproject and completed few projects out of my drawer so I wanted to join in this year as well.

It started on April 2nd. I ordered 100 zippers and they arrived right on that day.

I did not catch on yet but we'll see. I promised to make a pouch for my daughter's friend. She likes Avengers so I googled their logo and printed it.

I didn't know how to transfer it so I just sewed over the paper :D

I used thick thread which is used for top stitching jeans. My machine didn't like it that much but made it through.

Both pouches are made in my usual style. Out of one piece of fabric, no seam at the bottom and the zipper end as handle.

There are many to come ... hopefully

The pink circles are hand stitched.

Here is peak inside.
I haven't participate much in blogosphere lately but this might change.

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  1. Nice pouches. Transferring the pattern onto dark fabrics is not so easy; I usually use a pencil, but that dosen't show up on dark. I think you found a good solution.

  2. Great way to transfer the pattern. They look great!

  3. Sometimes it's good to take a break from the blogosphere. Cute pouches with a unique handle, very clever! I have some denim; this gives me an idea.

  4. I adore your pouches! Will have to think about how you did it! Like how you stitched over the paper, very clever!

    1. Thank you! It is simple. Just like making regular pouch but in one piece only :) That's why I use long zipper ;)

  5. Cute pouch !! and perfect timing on the avengers logo... with the new movie coming out! Great gift!

  6. I love this. I love that you enjoyed making it. My sewing room is right next to the kitchen. We have a big house for 29 years now. Everyone moved out, so it is just hubby and me. We have a lot of stuff, My sewing room is a mess, like an explosion. I love it though. I love being in my chaotic Heaven. I have so many projects going at the same time. No stress haha
    Vera, your pouches are absolutely perfect.
    I have not seen the Avengers. I am impressed with your Logo, and your machine cooperated too so perfect huh?

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