Sunday, April 14, 2019


Last Saturday I visited Prague. There was 13th Prague Patchwork Meeting. I didn't go there to buy stuff but I have bought some :) Little addition to my rainbow collection.

Cute foxes print.

Some panels as well. The main reason I went to Prague was to meet with my friend (hello Zuzka :))
Here are few quilts that caught my eye. I think they are all from the International Quilts collection. Artists from Poland, Ukraine, Sweden, Germany or Slovakia.
We are pretty small country so this is just a small exhibit. Nothing like we all know from the Instagram when QuiltCon or others takes place. There are a lot of art quilts or variations of traditional themes which are not really my thing so I don't even have a pics of those. Here are just few that I liked.


  1. I'm glad you got to meet up with a friend and see some beautiful quilts. I love the texture on the 3rd quilt you show here. Wow!

  2. Vera, I enjoyed this post. You procured some beautiful fabrics. Perfect choices.
    Thank you for sharing your favorite entries. I have never gone to the large quilt expos. They are just too large. I love the smaller, more regional events because those are the ones that are really your like minded peers. I like those. Many times you can meet some new friends. I am very happy that you got to bust out of your house and get away from chores and duties hahaha
    Happy Spring


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