Sunday, March 20, 2016

Late duo

Last week I started two pouches for LeChallenge theme Reading. I thought some newspaper print would be suitable but I finished them yesterday. Only 5 days past due  :)

I wanted to try new type of pouch. Inspired by @elnorac and her #jellyfreedomzipperpouchtutorial I prepared two rectangles. For some reason I like to make 2 at the time which was really handy this time around. The above pic shows that I do not measure much.

You get a second chance on making it right though. See I marked the middle on the second one! While making it I realized I don't really like to bind around a pouch and I prefer boxed corners so I changed things up. I actually didn't have #jellyfreedomzipper but I used regular endless zipper. When you open it you have 2 sets for 2 pouches. Perfect!

I really like the look the loop creates. Only the zipper ends are a bit twisted. I do have some plans on exploring this type of pouch but no idea when.

Here is closeup of the zipper beginning and boxed corner. No seam at that part. It's made out of 1 rectangle.

When I choose lining it must match in some way. This time I matched with the hot pink zipper in case you are wondering, lol.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

OMG March

It's time to choose OMG goal for March. I would like to finish this cushion cover. My choice was either my quilt or this cover. Both feature the same fabrics :) This is actually scrappy project from the quilt fabrics in perfect order. Once I figure out how to quilt it it'll be piece of cake :)


Friday, March 4, 2016

Q1 - grey bag

My grey bag was not only my OMG February goal but it is also on my Q1 list - #7

I prefer zipper closure so here is my modification to original pattern called Madeline bag.

Plus all my bags must have zippered pocket on one side. My fav bags have pink one which brought a bit of color to my grey bag.

Grey on the outside but fun and dots on the inside.

Here is comparison to well known Super tote. I used similar or maybe the same interfacing but the new one hold its shape better. True to be told, it's empty but my Super tote is filled with stuff. It is a also a bit smaller.

I like the ties feature. It changes the shape of bag a lot. From a tote to purse kind of thing :)

Since I made this bag for myself it was also my selfish sewing goal. I'm thankful for all these fun linky parties as they help me to motivate myself and finish the projects I started.

Berry Barn Designs

I also made some progress with quilt for myself. Yeah people it was a selfish sewing month! :)

I attached the batting to the top with some hand quilting. I'll be adding the backing next.

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