Sunday, November 23, 2014

Q4 - knitted socks finished

As my mom would say: Keep calm and your feet warm!

Those were on my Q4 list and I find knitting pretty calming and brain less activity. At least this is very simple pattern. I used to knit on 5 needles but once I learned how to use just 2 there was no other way for me. I call those sleeping socks. They don't have the perfect fit but slide off pretty easily once you decide your feet are warm enough.

When I posted my progress pic some said that they never saw such way of knitting socks. I used just one ball of wool. You can pull the end of wool from the middle out and that is how it was possible to make both at the same time out of one ball of wool. Does that makes sense? I admit I'm lacking knitting vocabulary. If you would like to see more pics check out this tutorial in Czech :) By coincidence Janine from Rainbow Hare is celebrating her linky party Wool on Sunday so I'll be linking with her this time around.

Beside knitting, making pouches gives me instant gratification so I stock up some zippers. Yeah, look at those neon colors! Plus I needed white thread and yet another coincidence Molli celebrates Sunday Stash! No fabrics on my side but notions count as well, right.

And check out our new ceiling. The girls got their own galaxy. It is made by professional with some extra colors and it does glow in the dark. It is beautiful. Just like our own little planetarium. We all just love it. There are actually some real constellations.

My fav part is the eclipse, few falling stars and milky way.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

X pouch and other news

So here is the X pouch I made for Le Challenge. It might be not the prettiest I ever made but I like this combo of chocolate brown base and mustard leather embellishment.

As usual I marked the straight lines with masking tape.

I kept the quilting pretty simple. When I was writing one exterior piece pouch tutorial I got this idea of trying one lining piece as well. It worked and it is so easy!

See no seam at the bottom!

The back side is very simple.

This week I was really excited to find out that my leather circles pouches made it to top 22 of Purse Palooza. Check out all those amazing bags and vote for the one you like.

Oh yes, I'm still in leather scraps mood and when I saw Bengal gathered clutch by Noodlehead I had to start one as well.

And you might be wondering about my notebook. No it is not fixed. They have to diagnose it first and we have to decide if it is worth to invest the money in repair. I'm using older notebook which we thought would not be suitable but I installed the programs I needed and I'm back in the game. Woohoo!

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Sunday, November 16, 2014


Where do I begin? My notebook broke down. I can not even tell you how much frustrated I am. I would have to only use F words. I'm using my husband's computer and it ain't easy. He doesn't have the programs I usually use and ...... grrrr.

Two hours later I'm still not able to upload my pics here. DAMN computers! I'm giving up. I put two up on flickr and you probably won't hear from me for a while.

I planned to catch up with my Bloglovin feed and I can't get it work. I'm not able to access Instagram either. It just plain sucks!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Knitting and winning

These days I sort of prefer knitting. I'm working on new pair of socks. This is where I'm at.

Simple, easy, calming activity. Plus if I don't have the needles in hand I fall asleep while watching TV, lol.

And I have big news to share. My Paint Drips won first prize in Quilter's Mixology SAL. I don't think it would make it without Monika's quilting. So I gave the EQ7 program to her. She was so thrilled and happy. She took part in the SAL as well and her quilt was nothing short of awesome. You can find more pics on her flickr account.

Isn't that a great modern Christmas quilt? 

She already made few designs which make me so happy. It is compatible with her quilting program which is great. I wouldn't use it for a while and she offered to help me with any ideas so it is a win win situation for me. That suits me best. I'm kind of whisperer. Seriously have you seen the vid Puss in boots the three diablos? Love it!

That's all folks. When you don't have anything to share, share the work of someone else, LOL.

One tip for you all. Have you heard about Google Keep? Oh how I love lists and ticking off. Do it all online. Nice a neat! Thank you all for your supportive comments, I'm yet to reply ....

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November goal

Just a quick check in. Things got a bit hectic but in a good way. Yes my dears, I'm no longer jobless.

Just to keep myself motivated I'm setting up November goal. These panels are Madeline bag to become.

Wish me luck for my new venture and please be patient with my slow mo. Thank you!