Sunday, November 16, 2014


Where do I begin? My notebook broke down. I can not even tell you how much frustrated I am. I would have to only use F words. I'm using my husband's computer and it ain't easy. He doesn't have the programs I usually use and ...... grrrr.

Two hours later I'm still not able to upload my pics here. DAMN computers! I'm giving up. I put two up on flickr and you probably won't hear from me for a while.

I planned to catch up with my Bloglovin feed and I can't get it work. I'm not able to access Instagram either. It just plain sucks!


  1. {{{{{Vera}}}}} I know your pain - going through computer crap is a royal PITA! I hope things get settled for you soon!

  2. I wish you luck for the rescue of the data!!! See/Read you soon.

  3. Hang in there, Vera! Sorry it is so frustrating right now, but we'll all be here waiting when things sort themselves out! {hugs}

  4. I feel for you!!! My notebook got a crack and the top third of it won't work... Damn it is so frustrating to do anything on it!! Grrrrr!! I'm wondering if I get a new one how I'll be able to transfer the info on it? Are you able to save your stuff? It just makes me sick knowing all that important stuff is list forever!!

  5. For IG, try iconosphere on the computer. Maybe that will work better ? :(

    I suppose you have plenty of time for sewing now? lol. I'd be lost without without my computer too. I have a mac, and though my stuff is saved on an external drive it's only compatible with OSX, and our other computers are all Windows; so if anything happens to my Mac I will be crying for a very long time!!

  6. By iconosphere, I actually meant iconosquare!! No idea how I mixed up squares and spheres...

  7. Oh yuck! I was without my computer for a week and nearly chewed off my own arm in frustration. I should have just gone on vacation or moved into the gym or done something constructive but I totally didn't.
    Also, I feel badly as I fear I may have caused it with my thread of plaid week.
    I really hope your computer is fixed soon or you get a replacement. Good luck!! We will look forward to your return. :)

  8. It sounds like you need a big glass of wine.
    I went away for a few days and forgot my iPad. I felt lost! (Mostly, because it was also my book and I had nothing to read.) I hope your notebook is fixed soon.

  9. By F words you mean frazzled, frighteningly, frigid, fresh, and fanatical, right? :D I hope you're at least getting some extra sewing time in while its getting fixed (another f word!) and don't worry too much.


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