Friday, February 28, 2014

Scraps and leftovers

I wanted to turn the scraps from quilt into something. I shared some sneak peak last week and this is how it all ended up. The cold and warm once again.

These are double sided just like the quilt. No, I did not make 4 cushions. The zipper is on the side.

The front is improv. First I sewed the triangle scraps into squares and added whatever was needed. I call it A style = anyhow.

The B side is just like on the quilt. Easy peasy jelly roll style. I used the leftovers and lucky for me I had just enough. Would be fun to have it quilted the same way as the quilt but I'm definitely not at that level so straight lines will do.

The front is quilted sort of straight lines A style :-) I tried to keep the spacing similar to the back. There are just squares in square and rectangles whatever. Not FMQ I was rotating the whole thing doing straight stitch. The whole package was safe and well received which brings much needed relief to my soul :-)

If you fancy piece of Argyle summer hop over to my giveaway post it ends this Sunday.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

February goal - achieved

My February goal was to piece Lone star. It was more a wish than a goal and somehow I made it happen :-)
I couldn't resist the morning sun.

I used this tut for Scrappy Lone Star and it is second one I made. It might not be the last one since there are many possibilities.

I know you wouldn't even guess but my original idea was to have that dark brown fabric in the middle to create the main feature but I had the stripy kind of fabric next to each other and that was not looking good. Unpicking was not an option for me so I went with the flow and created this one instead. What a fabulous accident since I really love this final layout :-)

The only part I'm unsure is attaching the background fabric. Not sure if I do it right way but I guess there is no right or wrong as long as it works :-)

Isn't that cool to compare the same pattern in different fabrics. Our Cherry Christmas is still on the wall and the new one was hanging on my design wall before I packed it away. It is gift for a friend but she has to baste and quilt it herself :-)

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Giveaway - Let's celebrate!

What are we going to celebrate? The end of Olympics? Why not :-) According to my blogging stats this is post #100 and the views got over 50K which is worth the celebration as well! I would like to thank you all for all those lovely comments you left on my previous post. I so appreciate it!

So have you watched the Olympics? I loved the graphics and I'm sure I was not the only one. My country (Czech Republic) is bringing home 8 medals which is fab (new record for us). The most popular sport here is ice hockey. We knew our team probably won't bring any medals but there is always a hope :-) Biathlon is going to become the next favorite since we won 5 out of those 8 in biathlon. The others were from speed skating and snowboard cross. 

When I was searching for these pics over the net I found there is free quilt pattern called "When Bali met Sochi" just click on the name and check it out. 

So what am I giving away? 1/2 yard of Remix Argyle Summer by Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me anything you like :-) My regular readers get a second chance just tell me which way you follow. Giveaway will close next Sunday March 2nd. Just make sure I have a way to reach you. No-reply won't win. Good luck!

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Q1 - Summertime Sadness finished

It is here! The long time awaited Summertime Sadness aka Broken Herringbone quilt is finished! It turned out to be 2 in 1 as the B side is just as pretty as the front :-)

It all started as part of #MSBHQAL last year. I showed the pattern to my friend and we talked. I liked the pattern but I didn't really felt like we need another quilt. My friend runs fabric shop and I offered to make the quilt for her. She agreed and sent me box of fabrics she picked. Some solids and some prints and the layout was up to me.

My first idea was to run continues strips but I got off center and the strip was not long enough. I set up designer's wall (piece of batting on the wall) and started to reinvent the idea. I came up with the cold colors against the warm. This is the most colorful project I worked on. I don't have that many fabrics in stash so I was glad for the opportunity to play with someone else's, lol.

At first we didn't talk about the back side. The original arrangement was to make a quilt top as I'm not so keen on quilting. There were enough fabrics left to make the back side as well. I wanted to try simple jelly roll style. It shows the quilting beautifully. It was quilted by local pro and I love it.

The binding is grey. I sewed on white strips to the sides before giving it to quilting service just to prevent the fraying and at the end it adds a pretty detail I love.

I named the quilt after song and it doesn't make me sad. I just wanted to be reminded about the quilt every time I hear the song :-) Songs are not always about the lyrics but about the tune and vibe and I just liked that one.

The quilt will be on display in my friend's shop and it will also go to local quilt show. It'll be part of her booth. I'm so excited! I'll be linking up to Q1 FAL as this is part of my list. So far I completed 3 out of 10. I better speed up a bit :-)

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I leave you with today's sunrise. The high voltage poles turned out pretty good don't you think :-)
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Influenced by others

I don't know about you but I'm highly influenced by those blogs I read. If that is not enough there is Lorna with her FB feed showing off all kinds of stuff. That is how I ended up at Paula's page - The Sassy Quilter.
Have you heard she's hosting Triangle Quilt Along? There is still time to join in, just saying.
As I looked around here blog I found an article on How to Clean a Sewing Machine. Those pictures really made me curious and I finally unscrewed my machine and ......

it looked very similar. Yikes!

This is the first time I actually went in. I was afraid I won't be able to put it back together but it's not that difficult. Once I got it all together I needed to try if it works. What am I going to sew? Few scraps will do it. I pulled out scraps from BH quilt. If you ever made Broken Herringbone you probably have those triangles somewhere as well. I made few squares out of it. I was not worrying about matching the seams just done it in A style and couldn't stop.

You know what A style is? ANYHOW, lol. Some call it improv style but I'm more A kind of girl, he he.

It looks more blue than it actually is. Those colors are more dark green with blue undertone. I ended up with two squares big enough to make cushion cover. Should I do some straight line quilting or try out some FMQ with an A style? We'll see.

Then there is February goal I would like to meet. So I pieced the diamonds for Lonely Star.

I'm currently at decision making on the background fabric. Should I go with dark or stick with white?

I started those two projects and cleaned my machine just because I wasn't feeling like quilting my color wheel quilt. Do you also start new things just because you don't feel like finishing the "old" ones? I know you do! :-)

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Le Challenge - The Rising Sun

When I was making the Divided Basket I received comment that my lining looks like sunrise so I took the leftovers and turned them into Le Challenge project.

Inspiration comes from Svetlana and Rachel. I went with the easier tutorial with raw edges inside.

You can see that I topstitched only once on one side and twice on the other. I recommend you only stitch once further from the zipper but still catching the zipper side inside. As I topstitched too close to zipper it was sort of flipping over not holding the shape properly that's why I went with the double topstitch. I guess my batting was too thick for this kind of pouch.

I made it a bit too small so there was not much room to make it too boxy. I left the corners without trimming as they are not too big.

You can check what others have created for the Rising Sun theme here.

Le Challenge

Not a big finish this week you say? Well I got one more but only sneak peak for now.

Plus I got something else to share for the Valentine's theme. My girl wanted to learn how to sew. I'm not keen on letting her go on my machine so she started with some embroidery. She did pretty well.

I had to wash it since it got dirty during the making process. I didn't want to ruin the texture of embroidery and it looks like really badly ironed. Oh well.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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