Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tutorial: Woven fabric hearts

Woven fabric hearts are basically raw edge appliqué. You will need some lightweight fusible web, few fabric scraps, rotary cutter, ruler and mat. 

For this tutorial I'm using two charm squares (12,5x12,5cm). If you only want to create one heart prepare two rectangles each measuring 6x12cm and attached the fusible web according to manufactures instructions.

My version of fusible web doesn't have a paper on one side so I need to use some baking paper to attach it to the fabric.

You might want to create paper template and try out the shape. It is optional. You can always adjust the size by trimming the shape of the heart once is finished.

If you are using charm square cut of the edges to create two rectangles 6x12cm. If your fusible web has a paper on now it is the time to take it off.

Draw a curve on top of your rectangles or use the paper template if you created one. Cut 6 strips starting at the bottom. Each strip measures 7x1cm.

If you did not take the paper off on your fusible web now you really should as we are going to woven the strips.

Go one row after another one. It is pretty simple. Check out the pics.

We need to tight up those hearts a bit. I use pair of scissors. I gently pull each strip alternating the sides. Do not worry about exceeding ends.

Place your hearts on non sticky surface such as baking or freezer paper. Gently iron making sure your heart is nice and tight.

Cut off exceeding ends. If you not happy with the shape of your heart you can adjust it as well.

And you are all done. Use as any other appliqué for table runner or mug rug or anything else.

I used mine for some round mat. You can read more in my post called Valentine's mat.

Or make a cute mug rugs.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

** Update: Friend of mine sent me a link for different templates, worth checking out - click.

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  1. What a cute idea, thank you for the tutorial.

  2. What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. :D

  3. This is a neat idea! Thanks for the tutorial!! It makes a lovely heart to use for Valentine's Day projects!!


  4. Cool tutorial! I think I remember making these out of construction paper as a kiddo!

  5. great tutorial Vera, thanks!

  6. They look pretty simple. Very creative and cute!

  7. This is so simple yet so beautiful! Great tutorial, Vera!


  8. I like Jenn's idea of kids doing this design with construction paper! Great design - it would also look fantastic on a zipper bag :)

  9. These are lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  10. This is an adorable idea, why didn't I see it before, love it.

  11. What a clever idea: using fabric instead of paper to make these hearts, and them using them further. I love the result.

  12. I went to your friend's link for all the different designs. OMG! I don't know where to start! I want to do all of them! I've seen this before but just like the one above, not all those other possibilities. Now I think I'll have to make a V-day sampler of these! Thank you! ^_^


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