Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's mat

On Saturday I read about Valentine Table Runner theme for Across the Pond Sew Along. Check out all the ideas Amanda is sharing on her blog The Patchsmith.

Amy Made That! eamylove

On the same day Sew Mama Sew blog published Little Gifts of Love Challenge. You know how I love challenges so why not combine those two. I knew I have to do something right away otherwise I just miss the deadline. I got inspired by my girl. She seems to have that crafting bug as well as she is making something all the time. Her woven paper hearts just seemed to fit the bill. I made quick draft to determine how many fabrics I will need. I made it in the evening so no pic from the process making but it is really sew easy. Anyway if you feel like you would like a tut for these hearts let me know.

** UPDATE: here is the link to the tutorial CLICK.

It is basically raw edge appliqué.  

The size of the grid is based on the size of my masking tape. 
My #1 tool when it comes to straight line quilting.

For the back side I picked some strawberries. 
I wanted round mat to fit on our stool which is used as table for some tea time play.

See what I mean :-)

I tried to get away with leftover binding but it didn't work. 
You should really use a bias if you fancy round mat. Just saying. 

Tea anyone? I hear you. Tea bags are on my to do list for ages. 
So I should rather pretend we play coffee.

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  1. That is so brilliant and lovely! :)

  2. Anonymous4/2/14 06:41

    Very very nice! A tutorial would be nice....8-)

    xo Linda

  3. Love it. What a talented family you are - the paper hearts are so neat and your fabric ones are adorable.

  4. Anonymous5/2/14 04:37

    What a great source of inspiration and well executed. I love it. Very cute.

  5. So cute! You had a great inspiration and you couldn't have done it better. The woven hearts look beautiful.


  6. Very pretty and so neat. Have never done anything round and gather that this is not quite that simple.

  7. this is so lovely and so clever! Your binding looks perfect to me.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this, Vera! Those woven hearts are so clever! Love the quilting! I prefer coffee anyways. Thanks for the invite!

  9. Very cute! I especially like it with the little tea set.

  10. It's gorgeous Vera, the perfect setting for a Valentine's afternoon tea!


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