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04/2014 - Under control aka Triangle quilt

04/2014 - Color wheel

03/2014 - Pantone quilt challenge mini

02/2014 - Summertime sadness aka Broken herringbone quilt (2in1)

12/2013 - Lone star (advent calendar)

11/2013 - Paper pieced mini

07/2013 - Ooh la la

07/2013 - Diamond Thread

06/2013 - Newspaper quilt

I blogged about these quilts below on my other blog which used to be in two languages. If you have any questions about them just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you.

Gnome Love. Crib size quilt made during Cathedral Window sampler QAL.

Groove quilt. I started it during Groovy quilt along but didn't finish on time. First time trying out FMQ.

ZigZag quilt. Very puffy. First time I used fleece on the back side.

My first throw size quilt made during Festival of Hexagons. I combined few tutorials and came up with my version.

2012. My first machine quilted quilt is small size. Pattern from Zakka Style book. Getting to know my new machine Brother NV350.

I started my first quilt in 2011. I was not able to quilt it on my old machine so I just folded over and quilted by hand. It's double sided. Perfect size for stroller.


  1. Your newspaper quilt is really super-cool!

  2. Anonymous24/7/13 14:33

    I like your zigzag quilt. It seems manly to me, which is hard to come by in quilts.


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