Saturday, June 10, 2017

Enderman cushion

Another cushion, another gift. This time it's for a boy.

Once I had all squares cut I chain pieced the rows. The cushion is 40x40cm and I cut 2" squares. Yeah I usually mix measurements and use cm and inches at once :)

I used this minecraft design and my girl chosen Enderman.

I made the lining a bit bigger and binded the inside like I did in previous case. I like my gifts to be pretty and with no raw edges.

That's how I quilted it. I didn't want to do just squares.

The back is plain, hidden zipper.

Here is full sun shot and a bit of weather info. Sunny, warm, pretty :)

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  1. I must confess to being out of the Minecraft loop, but this looks great, Vera! I hope you are enjoying the sunny, warm, pretty weather.

  2. Hi Vera,
    What a cute pillow! I have to agree that I am out of the Minecraft loop, too, but this pillow stands on its own as a nice design. ~smile~

  3. it is great ! you always choose such lovely fabrics !

  4. Vera, this is an absolutely stunning design. I really love your style.
    I need to make pillows for my living room one day soon, the ones I have are all old fashioned and frumpy haha
    Happy Week-end and enjoy your weather. It is very hot here

  5. I Really like the way you quilted it. That's thinking out of the box (no pun intended hehe) I made a full quilt of Minecraft characters and the thought of quilting all those little squares led me to tie the quilt instead. Now I wish I had thought about it differently.


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