Sunday, June 18, 2017

Square mode

Once I finished the Enderman cushion I realized there are more kids hooked on Minecraft and the patterns are great for scraps too.

Look at these oddly looking scraps. I couldn't even get the green color. Not my type of color but perfect for a zombie character :)

I didn't even lay the face out since it's pretty easy.

Zombie is currently taking break on my ironing board since there is new priority. Another Bday party and another gift to be made.

It's for a girl so let's do something in pink. Yeah, the Pig!

My scrap was not big enough so I had to add 3 square from different fabric. At first I put the 3 squares randomly in there but no I had to change that and add one more. Now they sit happily at each corner making my orderly self happy again :)

Once I'm done with these two there is one more pile. Any tips who will that be? Yes, Skeleton :)
You can find some Minecraft characters on this link.

Are you working with scraps?
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  1. So fun to see. I have the Minecraft on my list to do this summer for my grandson.

  2. Now I thought Minecraft was just for the kids but now I see it as a whole different audience! What fun! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday!

  3. sometimes it pays to be orderly, and sometimes it pays to be improve. The whole minecraft thing had kind of passed me by, now I see new sewing opportunities?


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