Sunday, December 21, 2014

Let's celebrate!

What are we celebrating? Well my dears, it's second anniversary of Doomsday! Remember those news back than? What were you doing? Did it meant new beginning for you? 

I used to blog in two languages on other blog but I won't confuse you with the original link. I just Print Screened those relevant bits and pieces from it :)

I sure finished those UFOs I was talking about but I'm still pretty procrastinating. Will I ever learn? I became quite good with lists though, thanks to FAL QAL.

How do I remember the Doomsday you ask? Well, I made sort of souvenir (it has date on the back side). Plus the show about Crop circles was back on TV. I love Crop circles in case you didn't know.

I made quite a few friends during the past two years and I'm happy to say that there are few who has been around from my very beginning as well. Thank you for keeping me company! These pics still make me smile so I hope you'll laugh along.

Isn't it fun to take a break from all the Christmas preparations? Presents are packed and I baked some cookies but I have also indulge myself in some selfish sewing.

This will be my selvedge bag once I decide how to finish it off. This bag is on my Q4 FAL  list which I'm not going to fulfill but I'm perfectly fine with it. It actually needs some revision.

I thought I found a perfect place for my Pantone Optical illusion quilt but plan B will be required since my husband told me, he doesn't want to look at it every day. I don't feel like finishing it at all since there is no space to hang it so what should I do with it? Any ideas? Would anyone be interested in offering new home to it which would require finishing the thing as well? Wouldn't that be fun idea for swap? Swap your unloved tops and projects you have no use for! In case anyone is interested in swap, my top measures 39x48".

That's it for today. Happy anniversary!


  1. Finish that lovely quilt off and give it to the next baby that arrives in your life or use it as a sofa cuddling quilt.

  2. ROTFLMAO temperature 1250 degrees - I wonder if that's Celcius or Farenheit? ;) "Washing my hair seems really pointless at this point" ... TOO FUNNY! I had forgotten all about that Doomsday stuff - I remember the fear (actual FEAR - imagine!) about Y2K - what a kerfuffle over nothing, lol!

  3. Fun post and your quilt looks great. I agree it would make a great sofa quilt :)

  4. LMFAO! You are a dag Vera! LOL Send that quilt top to me! I love it!!

  5. What a fun post! I love the weather forecast and the snow goggles - you were prepared! The optical illusion quilt top is super fun - I had fun scrolling up and down the page and having it mess with my eyes. I agree with Leanne - finish it off and save it for a gifting pinch in the future. :) Merry Christmas!

  6. gosh Vera, I find it hard enough to keep with blogs in one language never mind two.! Happy Christmas to you and your family x

  7. I have been wanting to make a selvedge bag for ages too. I have a RicRac pattern ( - the one with the big button) but I see all sorts of cute bags and cushions.
    I don't think anyone here got nervous about Doomsday in 2012! I remember the Doctor Who 'Doomsday' episode, but that is far older!

  8. I enjoyed reading your post. :-)

    You may be onto something here...I like your idea of swapping the "fell out of love quilt tops" ...

  9. Ha! You are too funny, with your snow goggles and wild hair to greet doomsday...ohhhh, my!
    I agree. Finish and use your Pantone quilt as a gift when you need it. Or, just send it to me! ;-)


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