Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas ornaments

How did my ornaments end up? Pretty good if you ask me, lol.

I used fusible interfacing with glue on both sides, some rivets and that's it. I was inspired by some paper ornaments I saw on pinterest. The trees turned well as well but I only managed to make two.

I haven't thought about trunk while creating the half circle. I made it out of leather scrap and stitched down with few hand stitches.

I was also inspired by my girl. She makes paper angels for everyone.

So I tried one out of non fusible interfacing.

I alternated some fabric strips with such interfacing as well. I used 6, 10 and 12cm strips to make those. Just in case you are interested in making some yourself. If you don't have rivets just add button instead.

Our meeting was fine as usual and what did I get in return? Some pretties of course.

I also got some mistletoe from our neighbour.

And finally I finished Advent calendar. All the sweets are ready to be eaten. My packing was really negligent this time around. Yeah, I used stapler. Bang, bang there you go, lol.

Not all the shots worked out since I only have small one at home. Let's share the bad with the good, right.

As usual there are not enough hours in the day and there is plenty to do. I noticed all those SMS giveaways and QuiltCon rejection posts but to be honest this goes a bit beyond me so let's just move on.

The theme for Across the Pond SAL is Christmas trees which is just right. You can join in as well just check out all the inspiration here. Plus Monday Makers.

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  1. I really love how your trees turned out, and your daughter's angels are fantastic. I am glad you found time to finish the advent calendar - no more worrying about that and staying only a few days ahead!

  2. Soon your daughter is going to need her own crafting blog - I see she's following in momma's footsteps - YAY! The ornaments are adorable, especially the trees - and especially *especially* the tree trunks - too cool! I only entered a few SMS giveaways - it's a lot of work and at this time of the year there are other priorities :D I did find a new-to-me pattern being given away, that I fell in LOVE with - I didn't win it so I marched my butt over to her store and bought it, lol!

  3. I love your ornaments even more so because you used fabric and interfacing of all things. They look beautiful.

  4. Well done, Vera!!! They are ALL charming. My very favorites, though, are the trees - fascinating and brilliant! And now a new world of inspiration has opened will be fun to look for ways to make fabric ornaments that look like the paper ones I admire. {Next year, of course...}

  5. Your ornaments turned out really well and look so pretty on the tree. I love that you used string to hang them. Tell your daughter I might copy her angel idea with my kids - it's brilliant!

  6. all your decorations are great Vera. I particularly love your Christmas trees and your daughter's angels, they are beyond super cool. Have fun with that mistletoe with Mr Claus!

  7. Rosemary B here
    Vera, I love all of your creations SO much
    I adore your negligent style
    Merry blessed Christmas to you and all those you love

  8. All the ornaments look so lovely but I especially love the paper and fabric trees : )

  9. Beautiful ornaments! Super clever touches with- the pleather tree trunks, buttons and rivots, and using fabric with interfacing !! Very inspiring!!

  10. Lovely makes, Vera! The ornaments are fantastic! And those angels are so inspiring. I could not agree more with your view on the quiltcon reject issue. Let's just move along, shall we? Thanks so much for being YOU!

  11. Would you believe that I have never seen real mistletoe?
    I love the ornaments, especially the paper and interfacing angels! Clever daughter!


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