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Tutorial: Hardware Handle Upgrade

Tutorial: Hardware Handle Upgrade

To upgrade your handle you will need: snap hook and D ring. Check out your local hardware store what is available in your area and adjust your measurements accordingly.

Start by measuring your zipper. Prepare small rectangle for handle. I wanted my handle piece to be 10cm long so I cut out 12cm x 6cm (2.4cm + seam allowance 0.6cm x 2). Add piece of fusible interfacing to make your handle sturdier. Leave out the seam allowance and approximately 1cm on top and bottom. Sew together right side facing. Turn inside out and press.

Turn edges inwards. Press. Set aside.

Box the corner by pinching each corner together and aligning the side/bottom seams. Cut the corner and insert D ring. Making sure it is placed right in the middle.

Trim the seam allowance. I keep the ribbon a bit longer though. I also run extra stitches across it to make sure your handle is securely in place.

Place your zipper inside created handle. Always make sure the zipper metal end is out of your way so you don't stitch over it. Insert snap hook to the other side and topstitch around. Done.

If your zipper is long enough, slide on created piece of handle. Attach snap hook. Slide back and topstitch. I didn't use any interfacing with linen as the zipper inside makes it sturdy enough.

If you don't have any ribbon on hand, make your handle longer and fold it over. Topstitch in place. Slide on zipper end and topstitch only at the top part.

This type of handle was inspired by this tutorial and upgraded with hardware.

For smaller pouches you can make different type of handle. If you like your handle to be 10cm you need to cut strip double the size + seam allowance (22cm). Mark the center and measure your snap hook and zipper. See the picture above.

Sew along marked lines. Cut the seam allowance. Turn inside out with ends inwards. Press.

Place your snap hook on created handle. Insert your zipper in the top piece and topstitch around. Done.

How to sew the zipper on pouch this way, please refer to Open Wide Zippered Pouch tutorial.

If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, please let me know.

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  1. Love this! I've been wanting to add a handle to the open wide pouch forever, but adding a snap hook!!
    Awesome idea, my guys will love this! Thanks for this fantastic little tute Vera!

  2. Thanks for the great tutorial! I'll be trying this on my next pouch!

  3. This is the cutest handle I have seen for a pouch, and useful too. Lovely tutorial, thank you.

  4. Now I need to get the snap hook and D-ring fast, hoping I can find a place in Europe that sells them.

  5. This is perfect! Thank you for sharing your tutorial, Vera. I have to get going on this! Love that handle!

  6. Ooh, I love this. I'll be pinning it for future reference!

  7. Awesome touch with the hardware, Vera! Makes a practical pouch even MORE practical!! And fun!!


  8. Thank you for another clear and concise, step by step tutorial. You may have even inspired me to, not only try the hardware, but also make a bag, to attach it too.

  9. Senzační nápad !!!!!


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