Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WiP - Colorful life

Don't you think colorful sounds very close to wonderful? Do you know what song do I have on mind when I say: Never give up, it's such wonderful life!

That pretty much sums up my recent days but back to colorful business!

I keep on adding colors to Mini Disco project (pattern by Jaybird can be found HERE). I mix solids with batiks and do some chain piecing. Don't you love the look of chain piecing? It's like pretty bunting and I couldn't resist taking some pics.

As solids I use charm squares. Cutting tip: One square equals 2 diamonds (2 half hexagons and 4 triangles) plus you end up with 1 spare triangle.

What do you do with the tiny spare triangle? You start something new of course, lol.

We'll see where these colorful projects will go as I might not have enough of the neutral for background. I tried leaving the neutral out but the look doesn't really work for me. It's just not what I have on mind.

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  1. I really love this. I agree chain piecing is like bunting (and it's fun to do!). I can't wait to see where you go with this. Loving the mix of solids and batiks.

    Found via Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday.

  2. Colorful indeed! This is coming together very nicely! The batiks and solids are amazing together. I smile every time I see them together and think about the 'rule' that one cannot mix batiks with other prints/solids - BAH! :)

  3. I am a sucker for aesthetic color play, and this is beautiful! I do like the neutrals in there, but I like it both ways :) Those extra mini triangles and the resulting project--aren't they sometimes the most exciting part? I'm making my first quilt that ends up with a BUNCH of cool-looking "scrap" pieces and I'm having so much fun playing around with them to figure out what pattern they should make. I've already decided on placemats for them.

  4. The colors are so rich! Beautiful!

    I agree you need that neutral to give the colors some space. Maybe a mix of neutrals since you don't have enough of the one in the picture?

  5. Looks like that little hex in more ruler has got you under a spell! Love seeing your progress on this. And thanks for sharing how you are cutting your charms for this project. Great pics, Vera! Love the chain pieced goodness!

  6. Eye candy post! Colourful and fun - my fingers are twitching, though, at the thought of working with those tiny little pieces on the bias, lol!

  7. Anonymous14/5/14 17:35

    So, so pretty! Could you mix in other, similar neutrals?

  8. They're lovely, and I agree, the neutrals help the other colours come to the fore. I love that dinky little template. I was wondering how you cut half hexagons, but how big are they?

  9. Anonymous14/5/14 19:36

    Hi Vera! Sandra said it well - eye candy post! Colourful sounds exactly wonderful and those little triangles are Super cute! x Teje

  10. I'm surprised by how much I like your use of batiks. I have tended to shy away from them, but your string-pieced buntings are so vibrant and happy and fun looking!!! I hope you get more of the neutral you need for the background. :)

  11. The elongated hexagon shapes make me think of faceted jewels. I like that. Is it part of the plan or a happy accident?
    I too love the way chain-pieced strings seem to cry out to be used as bunting, and I have draped them behind my sewing table more than once.

  12. Yummy colors! It will be fun to see where this project takes you.

  13. I can't help but smile when I see all those wonderful, bright colours. They are just so bright and cheerful. What a fun quilt, to piece.


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