Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April goal - deja vu

♫ Hello, my friends. (Hello, my friends.)

I'm so happy to see you.

My girls love English rhymes and some of them are really catchy :)

Oh well, I did not meet my ALYoF March goal but I finally made some progress. Do you see the dark brown at the bottom of second pic? I decided to use the wrong side of it as the light color fits better. I'm not really keen on making fabric straps so I'm using belts instead. Since the pink one is too short a have to use piece of green as well. We'll see how that work out.

So my March goal turned into April goal that's why I call it deja vu.
Have you made up your mind about your goal? I'm ready for jump start :)

Oh and I have a question for those who already made the Super Tote. Have you used some type of closure for the front pocket? Is magnetic snap essential?


  1. Hui, I love the fabric! I have a little bit of it here and really think about every little bit, I have to use. ;)
    Greetings, Rike

  2. I love that honeycomb fabric - it's going to be great for a tote bag :) I love magnetic snaps - I think that "done + no snap" is better than "not done + getting a snap sometime" :D If you can get one quickly and easily it's a nice addition to bags, but if it's going to be a royal PITA then do without :D Using the reverse of fabrics is a great way to double your stash without actually doubling your stash - I've done it often on quilts where I needed a colour that would go well with a certain print - and you can be guaranteed that the reverse of a print will always go well with the front of the print, lol!

  3. I really love that fabric too! Can you tell me what it is? Its going to make a great bag :-)

  4. I'm going to love that two color handle. I'm going to love that two color handle.

  5. I forgot about the new goal... Your bag is going to look great with that fabric!

  6. Love the honeycomb fabric. Yes, I think the magnetic strap is good to have, it's a big pocket!

  7. Knowing you and your wonderful way with sewing bags, this is going to be terrific Vera! Love that fabric!


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