Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Stash - PPM edition

I haven't bought any fabrics for a while but I went to Prague's Patchwork Meeting yesterday and I had to buy some.
I wanted to get inch ruler and a bit of colors that I'm lacking.

Surprisingly I got some yellow as I almost have none.

Plus the whole colorful spectrum in some square packs by Makower.

I also got some local no name, no brand greys. I like these the most for background.

It was my 3rd time going to the meeting.
You can read about last year experience here. I'll share some photos soon.

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  1. Oh wow, the PPM looks like it would have been fun to go to!

  2. Beautiful!!! Second picture. . . what flavor are those fabrics? I MUST have!! :D LOVE the brick look!

  3. I love your rainbow pull against the gray backgrounds, Vera, you know how to have a vibrant selection that shines. :)

  4. Anonymous13/4/15 02:05

    What wonderful choices! I love the not-quite-solid looks of these. Have fun creating with them!

  5. OOoooOooo gorgeous fabrics - the grey word print in particular, along with the rainbow coloured pieces (which I'm guessing are fat quarters) :)

  6. This meeting looks really big! I see you've got one of my favourite Susy Ultman fabrics with the Russian dolls!

  7. Love your rainbow colours and the dolls are gorgeous!

  8. Vera, this looks like a very good collection you have acquired. I am certain that you had a wonderful time at the Patchwork Meeting

  9. ooh fabric porn!!!! can I come over and play? ;) yellow is my blindspot too...


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