Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Le Challenge - Tradition

It became tradition to take a part in Le Challenge. How is that for theme? Did I pass? :)

As usual I made quick last minute project. This time I recycled fabric pictures. These used to hang in the girl's room. I just added eye.

Just to make it clear. I made those pictures. Painted the frames and all that :)

They have been in a drawer for a while so I'm glad I finally used it.

Here is little recap. I was curious myself. I learned about Le Challenge when my pouch matched the theme Maritime and Alli suggested in comments I take a part in it. She left a link and I'm glad she did. My score is 16/21 :)

March - Passion
February - Dots

December - Ink
November - X
October - Mix
September - Era 
July - Small 
June - Charity
May - Nature
April - Bright
March - Order
February - The Rising Sun

December - Precious
September - Heroes
July - Toffee
June - Maritime

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  1. Oh these birds are the sweetest!

  2. What a sweet pouch you made that has great memories associated with it already! :)

  3. Some people make lemons from lemonade - our Vera makes zippy pouches from pictures! Who would have thought ... LOL!!! Perfect interpretation of tradition - sweet bag with a hoot of a history :D

  4. What a great tradition. And very pretty little bird pouch and pictures.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Those birds are sweethearts!

  6. that is adorable! I loved her when she was in her picture too. Well done on 16/21 on Le Challenge, I can't believe it's been running that long, i think I managed to join in once!

  7. love your little birds and your recycling. I blogged and was too late to link up! have to be better organised next month

  8. Love the simplicity of the design. Beautiful, Vera!!!

  9. Very sweet Vera! It is so neat that you repurposed the little bird pictures.

  10. Cute! What a great way to reuse the little birds into something you will use everyday.

  11. What a super elegant and pretty pouch! I love this art. You have a wonderful eye for designing!

  12. Well done for taking part once again to le challenge! Great project, and love the little birds - thanks for sharing on le challenge!

  13. I would say that's a great score!! Pretty make and fun way to link the theme :)

  14. How good that these are now given a new life instead of languishing in a drawer!


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