Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2015 FAL - Q2 list

It is even longer than Q1 list. The challenge is ON.

I was hoping to finish my Super tote (#4) in Q1 but never mind moving onto Q2. You can see 2 more bags (#5 and 6) in progress right there. This time I'll finish them! Cheer me on! :D

Let's add some real quilting to the game #1. Poor frog needs her eyes and my girl wants her quilt!

And my LOVE quilt was folded for too long. Let's fall back in love with it! Yeah #2!

#3 DM quilt is a bit secret project. What is it going to be? Depeche Mode? Doesn't Matter? Direct Message? Oh, you just have to wait and see :)

Plus I'm totally out of my mind to be adding one more bag (#7) and Pantone Challenge mini (#8).

Let's recap my poor achievement in Q1. Ehmm, sorry I have work to do so no details on that ...

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  1. I hope that whatever sewing you are able to get done this quarter, Vera, that it is fun, therapeutic, and full of rainbowy goodness for your soul. :)

  2. That is a very ambitious list, Vera! #3. . . want to see more! Can't wait to see all of these projects come together. I know you can do it!! :)

  3. Love the love quilt! Cheering you on from here!

  4. All great projects that you'll feel so great about when they are finished. I've been resisting starting that Elephants on Parade quilt because I already have way too many things on my to-do list so I'll live vicariously and wait to see yours when it's finished.

  5. Have fun tackling your projects! They all look wonderful so far.

  6. DM - dark matter? dirty mind? diet Monday? The list goes on! Good luck with your projects, I think I have left it too late to link up mine (my one finish). I particularly love your bag and the elephant quilt and of course LOVE

  7. I really like how you do your list. I think I may have to create something similar. Do you use excel or word or what to create it?


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