Friday, October 11, 2013

Paper tin cover

Have you heard about new linky party over @ Pretty Bobbins? It is about quilting. Well I'm not a big quilting pal so I thought I wouldn't have anything to link up but voila I found something. I'm definitely keeping eye on Gemma as she shares some tips and tricks as well.

I made this square while ago. I was trying out the QAYG technique. I really like all those bags made with this technique but those straight lines are so boring and time consuming so I ended playing around with it.

I was going to work on those herringbones but I needed something quick and easy. That's why I pulled this piece out of my UFO drawer and turned it into paper tin cover. I seen some while ago but it would probably take me too long to find the tut. Instead of spending time on internet I just made it. I took few pictures along the way.

Cover the tin and mark where you are going to sew. Add handel if desired. I folded over at the top and bottom. I left raw edges since they won't be seen.
Just make sure it fits on your machine. This size was just right. Add fancy ribbon on top if you like.

I didn't like the way it was hanging. Too low. What if I add a button? Done. It fits just right to the top row at my sewing corner. It's great way to use up scraps and testing out some quilting pattern or just practice. I'm definitely making some more soon. Those blue containers need to go, lol.

Well I didn't plan on writing two posts today but it just happened. I'm taking all those little detours on my way to herringbones. I'm not able to work on them during the day. I need some peace and quiet time which means night time with sleeping kids and it's just not happening these days.
Since we still have Friday I'm linking up to TGIFF once more and Crazy mom quilts.


  1. So funny, loved this box ..

    1. thank you. Check your settings since you appear as no-reply.

  2. I really like how this came out and it's a very good idea. It's made a tin become very posh!

  3. Wow, that's so cute! I love how little experiments can turn into such awesome things :)

  4. You're like a crafty/sewing genius Vera!
    Love this idea, and your quilting is wonderful!

  5. What a great way to use up a practise piece! Very pretty :) I love the quilting at the top of he first photo, it reminds me of Chinese lattice work :). Thanks for linking up Vera xx

  6. Great job quilting and I sure like your little tin project - so cute!

  7. Very cute. And it looks lovely hanging on your wall.

  8. Jé, to je nádhera....

  9. Yay for a sweet finish, Vera! Great quilting!


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