Friday, October 11, 2013

Giant pincushion

It's the last week of Zakka Along 2.0 and the last project is Prettified Pincushion. I haven't made as many projects as I imagined but still I'm quite happy and the book was worth to buy. I do plan to make few of them in future for sure.
When it comes to pincushions I always feel like I don't really need another one so why not make it for a friend. My friend likes big pincushion so I ended with giant monster instead of little cutie. The size is based on precut notes papers as I traced the pattern on those, lol. I haven't visited her yet so I hope she'll like it. My fabric choice is based on her style. Not too much color and a bit of vintage.

Mommy and the babies, lol.

Back side.

I had trouble with those corners. I probably measured wrong as I did not follow the size in the book and I had to adjust it somehow. Plus I added selvedge piece to the side.

Next up is the Skinny pincushion.  It's the theme for this month's Across the Pond Sew Along which is group of ladies formed after the first Zakka SAL. At least that's where I met Amanda, Amy and Susie. Bunch of ladies you better keep an eye on :-) Each month there is some fun theme and this time around I was convinced I need one of those pincushions. I didn't really follow any tut since it's just skinny rectangle but you can check their blogs for some great inspiration. I'm not sure which side I'll use.

There is piece of selvedge in the middle Meow Meow.

Don't you like that reflection on my plastic cover? I do and I love that punk font used on the selvedge. It just reminds me of Sex Pistols and my rebel youth.

Paper Piecing Party

I'm linking up to Kristy's PPP since few papers were harmed during the making process, he he.
Plus it's Friday which means TGIFF, yay!
Note: today is the last day to vote in Holiday Memories Mini Quilt Competition. Just hit the little heart on the one you fancy the most. My sun, sea and sand pillow is in the game as well.


  1. Great pincushion! I"m sure your friend will love it!!

  2. its great - and a good idea to supersize it!

  3. Oh what is that lovely vintage style fabric you used on your giant pin cushion? I hope you friend likes the surprise :)

  4. Lovely little (big) pincushion and the skinny one is quite fantastic as well!

  5. Your monster pincushion is big on beauty! Love the vintage print and especially that you used selvage for the edge. All your pincushions are sweet! Great job, Vera!

  6. I love your fabrics and selvages... and imagination!! I 'll have to supersize that Zakka 2.0 pincushion, too! Great idea!


  7. What a fun idea to make it bigger! The neutrals make a soothing statement.

  8. Love it big! Very nice!

  9. Love those pincushions, Vera! I'm going to have to give those a try!


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