Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lone star = November goal

I wanted to update my Making Christmas list and I though I should link up to November Goal - Lovely Year of Finishes as well. Why not. Ehmm. I did not want to bring it up but I failed with my October goal again. Third time in a row. But this time I'm telling you I'm going to succeed!

My goal is wall hanging. I was lucky to win jelly roll and I picked Cherry Christmas. Thank you Janeene (Fabric patch)! I searched for ideas and I decided on Scrappy Lone Star. Well mine is not really scrappy and I'm having trouble with being random as well. The side plan is to add advent calendar function to it. Not sure if that'll be success but you bet I got plan in my head already.

I did not wait to long to cut into it. There is no reason to stash and you'll see much more coming out of this jelly roll. Love it!

I'm just fine with 3 colors only.

I sewed the diamonds together and trying to decide which fabric I prefer for the borders.

Making Christmas list:

- Christmas theme wall hanging IN PROGRESS
- Christmas ornaments for local swap
- winter/Christmas theme house pouch
- vinyl pouches as gifts
- pillow covers
- 241 tote pattern by Noodlehead
- felted jewelry
- knitted socks
mug rugs with pocket on the back
- Christmas Robin wreath by Kristy ADDED

Christmas Robin prep work done. Yes I'm using strip of jelly roll. Fits just right.
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  1. Beautiful star! I like the grey border better - more of a contrast

  2. I love that star! It is so beautiful, and I don't think you could go wrong with either border.

  3. I like the gray border also, great looking star!

  4. I'm favoring the gray border. What a pretty lone star! Great line of fabric.

  5. Gorgeous! I love this fabric line and it is such a fun way to use it!

  6. Anonymous6/11/13 19:53

    That Lonestar is darling. Love the fabric.

  7. I'm just crazy about Lonestars and love your red fabric placement.

  8. Your star is looking great! It looks like the perfect project for a jelly roll.

  9. ooooohhhhh that's nice! :) I like the blue border.

  10. Love your lone star!! I like the blue border best, but either will look good.

  11. Your lone star is gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing which border fabrics you choose :)

  12. Loving your Lonestar! That pattern is on my one-day list! Look forward to seeing your robin!

  13. Love your lone star, colours are right up my alley!, Especially for Christmas!
    Can't wait to see your robin wreath as well, i'm making one for a pillow for my mom.

  14. Anonymous7/11/13 04:06

    I do like the way you placed the red!A nice variation on the traditional coloring. I took a class with Jan Krenz once and made one. I always thought I'd make more, and maybe I will. I even bought her two rulers so I could fussy cut.

  15. I love the blue for the star. It's a beauty! Either is nice though.

  16. That is really a gorgeous fabric line - your Lone Star is magnificent (and your points are so sharp, Miss Accurate!) - it would be quite amazing as an Advent calendar!

  17. I love the Cherry Christmas fabric, and your star is just fantastic in those prints! Gorgeous!!!

  18. Love the wall hanging! I have some of this fabric and I love what you have done with it!

  19. I love this lonestar! and the Grey looks really nice against it.

  20. Your lone star is super. Thanks for the inspiration, I plan to make a table topper for Christmas.


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