Friday, August 12, 2016

Challenging scraps

My friend Monika is not only quilting genius but she also challenges me with her scraps. When she asks if I want them, I never say NO :)

These are #modafrivols #frivols1 and I still have some to play with. Not my typical choice of prints and colors but that's the right fun with someone elses scraps.  You can see what Monika created here.

I sewed the strips together and quilted on a piece of batting.

Here is peak at the back.

I used big enough piece for lining. I left the selvedge on.

It became another little pouch with loop.

Colorful and girlie as I needed gift for my niece.

Enough room for little toys or any other treasure. See that selvedge right there? Isn't that fun detail?

Plus it can be hanged or easily carried around.

I have added simple leather zipper pull since zipper pull is a MUST :)

Have you noticed that little pile on my table? I had to buy some more of my fav local prints to continue with my other projects.

Note: I'm having little giveaway. Check it out if you are interested here.

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  1. What a sweet pouch! It's just the thing for a little girl! But those strips must be less than an inch wide; that's a lot of work just sewing them together. I noticed you quilted the panel without using a backing, but added the lining afterwards. Do you always do that when you make a bag or a pouch?

  2. I really like how you used the long zipper as a wrist loop....and of course the red leather zipper pull too. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas.

  3. I love this pouch. All of your little pouches with the cool zipper are just so unique and special. You must be famous in your town.
    Have a fun day, Vera. It is so hot here in Northern Virginia, it feels like an oven outside. I am so sickkkkk of summer. How much clothing can you remove?

  4. A very fun little pouch! Perfect for a little girl. Thanks for sharing with TGIFF!

  5. Visiting from Sew Can She, delightful pouch and so clever to use the zipper as the handle.

  6. A beautiful way to use scrap fabrics. Love your little pouch.

  7. As far as the humble zippered pouch goes, yours is certainly one of a kind, incorporating some great ideas. (I'm going to have to stay and have a look-see around your blog...)

  8. Beautifully done! What a good use of scraps. I must give 'quilt as you go' a go!

  9. Vera,
    you've got one lucky niece! Adorable pouch, I too can never have enough of them. (Also because I rarely manage to keep one for myself, haha!) Hi from Slovenia,

  10. Love your pouch. I'm going to try this soon.

  11. Now Vera, I have been trying hard to tidy up and throw out. Now you have just persuaded me again to keep all those tint little bits.


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