Sunday, February 26, 2017

Little progress

I tried to find my sewjo in wine. It worked a little.

I finally finished quilting the plus cushion cover. The lines are especially visible on back side.

February went pretty fast. There are days when I'm not reading blogs or emails. My apology to those still waiting for reply. I mostly feel like doing nothing and I just let the days go by ..

I bought new ironing board cover. I love the design of tumbling blocks!

You probably spotted some progress on another cushion cover.

Just when I started sewing again I ran out of thread and I didn't have any spare full bobins ready. Is it a good sign? :)


  1. Hi Vera, I know how that is.
    Well, today I am just recovering from a sinus infection that I acquired from my grand baby Sarah!!!!! I know, she was full of boogers, and well "thank you very much"
    I love the pillow cover. Sometimes it is good to go slow.
    I am also still grieving and that takes forever because it just does. I am still sometimes in shock that my mom is gone! I know she was old and tired but it is hard to let go. Then, my kittyboy, Pierro died. He was young.
    He got sick with some disease then, he got sicker. Oh my gosh.
    I think sometimes when things go slow, we need to focus on taking good care of ourselves. Do some jumping jacks or go for a long walk. If it is cold and windy, put lots of clothes on, or just stay in and dance to music for a while. It is crazy.
    Or you could do some cleaning--- yeah, never mind that

  2. I understand the feeling of letting days go by. Sometimes life is simply too busy, but I am glad to see that you are finding time for a bit of wine and sewing.
    The strawberry is gorgeous!


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