Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mixing May

Where did May go? I tried some french knots. I would like to turn this into mini but how am I going to quilt this? Add more knots to fill up the whole space? That's where my thoughts are going..

Here is progress shot for comparison. At first it looked way too organized so I added few more knots here and there. I'm quite happy with the result.

I wanted linen type of fabric for background so I used cheap table runner. I didn't even cut it yet :)

I'm not sewing much lately. I spent time experimenting in the kitchen, gardening and other stuff. I'm also trying to read. That's first and second book of GOT as I wanted to know what the fuss is all about. I have never read such a thick books before and I have few more ahead.

I keep on playing with scraps. That's my latest experiment.

Look at that ridiculous detail :)

My girls are going to Bday party on Friday. Last night I was checking some fabrics and planning on making bags but I ended up with different plan.

Anyway I matched them well :) but I'm going for cushions instead. Here's a peak.

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  1. Hi Vera! Everything looks beautiful and exciting! Wow those french knots are cute! I see here puppys nose. x Teje

  2. Those French Knots are so pretty! Love how some are smaller than others and they seem to fade as they fan out from the center.

  3. I don't even know what to say to those french knots! Except that I'm totally in love with them! I can't wait to see where you take it. I'm envisioning hand quilting perhaps!

  4. your embroidery is perfect! I love it as is, but I feel quite certain whatever you do with / to it, will be awesome as well. (those are some thick books!! yikes!)
    happy sewing and reading ~ Tracy

  5. You never read Anna Karenina? That was a fat book - but I did read that.
    I do not know game of thrones. Is it like Tolkien, LOTR?
    Of course your creativity is divine. I love the colors
    Life is busy, and I work steadily on projects every day, but I still
    do some grieving. I love seeing my little grand daughter grow.
    I know your family keeps you busy too. At present I am reading two books, one is called The Story of the Jews by Abba Eban. Very good history,which is a favorite subject.
    I am also reading a college book of Lizzie's from 2007 called Who Speaks for Islam - by J. Esposito and Dalia Mogahed. We are living in such tension filled times.
    Your bright colors are like flowers. I love them Vera.

  6. I LOVE the French knots!! Those teeny tiny triangle corners are crazy!

  7. The french knots are fantastic!

    Also, my husband is reading GoT right now and whew, I'm not sure I could ever tackle it myself. Big fat books intimidate me -- I know I could get through them, but it feels like such a commitment! Lol.

  8. I have lots of quilting ideas, but I really like your thought of more knots. I look forward to seeing where it goes! Those GoT books are intense. I read them all (I think a new one has come out since) about 5 years ago.

  9. I love your "love". ;) Very pretty!

  10. Lots of fun stitching stuff going on at your place. Love the French knots, very colorful.

  11. The embroidery is fab! I love negative space embroidery like that


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